Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kill Whitey, Buy Sneakers (Part IV)

Here in the final instalment in the Terry Tate series, we see the usual ultra-violence directed at white males. But Reebok doesn't stop there. No. They also have to push misogyny and miscegenation in whitey's face.

In this video, white men are once again the enemy. They are weak, snivelling, corrupt, immature and inconsiderate. Only a black man can lay down the law and get these idiots to do their job. The woman and the Asian male in the elevator are disgusted by the white man's impolite gas-passing (:15), and they rely upon the black man to purge the system of him.

As it turns out, the white man is lactose intolerant. Of course! We know white men's bodies are in open revolt against them. The white man is further emasculated when he needs a large-breasted lactose-laden mommy bimbo figure to come rescue him from the black justice-enforcer.

Now the black hulk has an opportunity to assault white men while the white woman looks on (1:11). The white woman seems aroused by the black man's domination of the pathetic whites (1:14) and the sexualization of this sequence is further underscored when she immediately starts lecturing about a "personal bubble that should never be PENETRATED without HR approval."

Reebok's worldview: white men are physically, intellectually, and morally weak; white women are rightful objects of black lust and violence; black men should be allowed to do whatever they want because ultimately they know what is best and they have the musculature and assertiveness to get results.

Boycott: Reebok


  1. AWM : Please tell me: do you know where to find ?

    Please you and anybody let us know.


  2. Dear AWM :

    I left a pretty long comment right after the one above. .

    It is poignant (if I may so myself) in its commentary on the insidious forces behind AWM globally.

    Is there anyway you could retrieve it?

    Otherwise, I guess I will just have to hunker down and go over once again, all of the of the very depressing AWM that shows up not just in Reeboks ads, not just in Progressive Car insurance ads, not just in All State ads, but absolutely everywhere the news is reported, from Libya to Japan.

    The anti-Westernism is endemic, it is everywhere, it is biblical.



    ps: as I mentioned in the comment that failed to post, if you Google "Progressive Insurance anti-white," instead of the tens of thousands of responses one should get, you get only a few.

    AWM is at the top of those search results, so I guess that's a start.

  3. i'd stab that black basterd if he tried it on with me.nobodies bulletproof

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