Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kill Whitey, Buy Sneakers (Part II)

Reebok was clearly attracted to the Anti-White message of the pilot featured in our last post, or at least it didn't dissuade them from using such genocidal imagery. They picked this idea and ran with it, convinced they had a winner, and sank some serious money into developing this piece for their big SuperBowl showcase. Note the higher production values in the version featured above.

But note also how the Anti-White nature of this piece has also been heightened. The female actor playing Laura in this version, at :10 above, is much darker than the woman in the pilot; her darkness subliminally draws further attention to the whiteness of the evil, inconsiderate, smarmily smiling co-worker.

Clearly the white man, in not re-filling the coffee, deserves to be subjected to some extreme violence. He is tackled and then humiliated by the black man, and rightfully so. After all, he's a white guy, right? Surely the audience will laugh and feel this bone-crushing retribution is fully justified, especially since it is administered by a black man. We know how righteous blacks are. How could they do wrong? How could we even presume to question them when they deliver a near-fatal body-blow?

No, this stuff is entertaining. And it trains the mind to think that whites are easy targets. Surely no gangbanger is going to mimic this stuff on the street! Nah. That would never happen.

After promoting these memes of white genocide on national television, Reebok continued to promote Anti-White violence on its website for years, showing a wide range of Terry Tate videos in which one could always find him engaged in his favorite Anti-White bloodsport(s).

Now who on earth would think to weaponize blacks against whites in such a blatant
, perverse, and over-the-top manner? It wouldn't be a jew working behind the scenes, now, would it? Nah. Couldn't be. That would be so racist to even suggest such a thing! Because we know we would be just falling back into the same old, tired, anti-semitic stereotypes.

Oh. Maybe in this one case it is true. It seems it was the Arnell Group's Peter Arnell who promoted and produced this Anti-White, genocidal ad for the all-consuming millions.

Mind warfare at its worst.

Boycott: Reebok


  1. But but but the Jews are innocent victims!

    There's no way that they are actually the market-dominant minority in US media/banking/'education' and abuse this position of power often achieved through semitic affirmative action and discrimination to attack their primary competitors (whites) in order to reinforce their power base at the majority population's expense.

  2. First of all. Thanks to the moderator that keeps this site up and running. Thank you.
    Secondly thanks for naming one of advertising agencies behind these Anti -White ads.
    Peter Arnell what a freak ! Lost 250 lbs. by eating 50 oranges a day and still does.
    Voted one of the worse bosses. He screws his employees over. Pays them squat.
    Arnell Group
    Just in case anyone wants to let off a little steam towards this jew bastard.

  3. sorry it's

  4. ^
    To be truly accurate, it should be

    At the risk of sounding anti-semitic (Gasp! Boo! Hiss!), the majority of these morally bankrupt advertisements are "thought up" by Jewish Ad Agencies; yes, someone actually pays them money to put out such filth. Turn off your TV and read a classic book, it's much better than TalmudVision. One day, hopefully soon, they will be revealed as the reptiles they truly are.

  5. these are not real jews they are jino's like rino's they pretend to be real jews but are really marxist scum.

  6. It is all starting to become very clear : I remember reading a lengthy article in the New York Times about this guy Arnell :

    Of course at the time I simply did not know that he was behind this Reebok campaign.

    It might seem harmless if one didn't know more. In fact, 98% of Americans would probably snicker at this site, because they just do not see the fiendish agenda that is causing the high-fertility Turd World to explode in population, and the White Western World to decline, whether through the importation of non-white unassimilables, or the relentless propaganda directed at our young and impressionable, which can result in such a shocking and horrible thing as I saw tonight (Saturday 3/19/11) on "Cops": a white girl, maybe 18, and quite foxy, talking like a fucking African American ghetto dweller - and I mean she talked ghetto even better than ghetto blacks. And she had a hulking black boyfriend sitting next to her on the curb, as her toothless white trash father was led away by the Sherriff's Department.

    It. Was. Disgusting. .../... It. Was. Disturbing.

    How much of this poor girl's behaviour is influenced by EXACTLY the kind of thing that AWM talks about?

    Oooof! I am so tired of it. My head is about to explode.