Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let Whites Make Decisions And Look What You Get

Another massive budget expended to promote white self-loathing and black supremacism.

This Fed-Ex commercial has all the usual Anti-White Media indicators:

a) A know-it-all, suave, cool black guy in charge of everything. (They cast a Morgan Freemanesque character to assure the public: what we have here is a "magic negro," so you know he should be listened to with a kind of religious deference.)

b) An effeminate, incompetent, white fool whose decisions wreak havoc on the city, potentially killing millions.

It is only through the assuring sagacious commanding presence of the black boss that people's lives will be spared from what white incompetence hath unleashed.

Boycott: Fed-Ex


  1. I remember seeing this during the stupor bowl before I was racially aware. Back then I was dazzled by the special effects pigeons, now the massive anti-White slant is all too real for me and I'm not distracted by smoke and mirrors anymore.

  2. Anti-white is everywhere, especially here :

    This is schoolyard playground philosophy writ large, wherein the always-winning team (whites), agrees to play nice and give a leg-up to the always losing team (blacks).

    The problem is, that this nicey-nice behaviour, which is hard-wired into the European brain, has been on steroids for decades, and has been codified into laws and standards that are bad news for society when applied to extreme degrees.

    Whites should be proud to belong to a race that is constantly obsessed with the well-being of other, under-performing races.

    But whites should be terrified that the pendulum has swung so radically to the other side, where uplifting blacks can now not be done without undermining whites.

    No amount of white uplift and intervention will raise black IQ, which is stuck somewhere in the Stone Ages, about 50 to 100,000 years ago from an evolutionary point of view by all reasonable estimates.

    I say this, but I am ashamed to not have solutions to propose.

    At least web-sites like this one spread a type of awareness that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

    Spreading awareness is part of the solution, whatever it might be.

  3. Lets add c) & d)

    c) At about 0:40, note the silent witness to white stupidity. Mr Dreadlocks in the blue shirt. He can see its stupid. Why oh why did no one ask him? Next time the lesson will have been learned, dont put stupid white boy in charge.

    d) Stupid white boy - its his car that gets dumped through the window. Its not new, its small, its a girls car in fact. QED He is a loser!

  4. "white fool whose decisions wreak havoc on the city, potentially killing millions"

    That about sums up reality. Who can deny that industrialization and mass-production have ravaged the world and caused immeasurable environmental damage and misery to unnumbered humans and animals? Who can deny that a society that runs on oil-powered machines is anything less than insane? Who can deny that the world would be a better place without nuclear weapons? So, who introduced all these things into the world to begin with?

    "Let Whites Make Decisions And Look What You Get"

    You get the fucked up world we live in today. The world was more beautiful before Western "civilization" started poisoning everything it touched. There are many ways to heal, but none of these ways involve defending the poison.

    I have no problem with individuals of any racial background, but if you defend Western "civilization", you are complicit in spreading the poison.

    As for the ad, you can hardly blame it for merely reflecting the truth.

    1. You should learn more about Western civilization and history before you make such claims. White people care about nature, they want to preserve their culture and environment. Western civilization was build to last forever. Nomads like jews and muslims are the enemy within who plunder everything for profit and leave a wasteland behind.

  5. Yet you seem reluctant to give up the internet.

    Or was that your last ever post - ever, you fucking hypocrite.

  6. And yet anon 7:20, you and your ilk literally die trying to get in the "spreader of poison" countries. do you really believe your tripe, or are you just talking out your ass? tell you what, since you despise Western Civilization, do me a favor and burn your house down and go live naked in some wilderness somewhere.

  7. Don't bother anon 7:20. These people seem to agree with polluting rivers and lakes and oceans and harming wildlife just for human comfort and convenience. Perhaps if this "war against whites" tin-foil hat conspiracy is actually true (which I strongly doubt) then it would just be karma for everything they have ruined?

    Anon 7:20 didn't say that he 'despised' Western civilization. He was just trying to say that maybe it is possible to live comfortable lives without having to sodomize nature?

    Also, what exactly does using the internet have to do with pollution? I'm against pollution, but I still use the internet, because the last time I checked, electric data transmission doesn't poison the planet...

  8. Fuck you, you stupid kike Mike Okhertz. Unplug your computer, stop driving your European derived car, and quit your European derived job and please leave our oh so wicked European nations then. NOW. GO!!!! GO!

    Still here?

    Yeah, I thought so.

    Fucking hypocrite lying kikes.

  9. "since you despise Western Civilization, do me a favor and burn your house down and go live naked in some wilderness somewhere"

    LMAO @ knuckle-dragger who thinks houses and clothes are exclusive to Western civilization.