Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Racemixing Euphoria

Benetton has long shown their expertise in Anti-White and Race-Replacement ad campaigns. They are one of the main Icon Makers of the new Religion.

Here is one of their latest Holy Icons, one of many such ads placed on your typical European streetcorner.

At first glance, this is just another Benetton vision of a Multicultural Heaven: the United States and Europe circa the present day, where all races sport and play and coalesce into a boundary-less oneness.

As if this weren't bad enough, or genocidal enough, on closer inspection we find that Benetton asserts an even more insidious Anti-White angle.

Note how the white guy is consigned to the background. Indeed, the background, being white, further fades his expressionless presence into oblivion. The black woman with him seems far more interested in joining the other party, which we find out is a party indeed: The black man and white woman are utterly euphoric in each other's arms.

The dark black skin on the negro against the white background makes him stand out, as does his ebullient smile. Who wouldn't want to be with this man instead of the white guy, who is essentially a no-show in this photo. The white woman here seems positively thrilled to be racemixing. All the white girls who see this ad will subconsciously think: to really be happy in life, I need to find a big, smiley-mouthed black guy.

Many women will mentally fight against this programming, but many will give in and race-replace themselves, the latest victims in The 21st Century Image War.

Africa for the Africans, Asia For The Asians, - White Countries For Everybody! - Google it.

Boycott: Benetton.


  1. Miss me yet?

  2. That white guy looks like a plastic Ken doll. And the white girl is just ugly.

    Nope, nothing of value to the white race was lost.

  3. I've also noticed these ads and they disgust me.

  4. This is great, a hideous triumph. Has anyone noticed the flow in the picture. The white guy is fully in the background and the interracial couple are in the middle. The half breed is at the forefront. She is the natural progression and end result of the interracial couple.

    The white woman is dressed in a garb reminiscent of those war time pics of woman such as “We can do it.” Rosie the Riveter’s WWII image (search Joogle for that one)

    So in other words White Ladies side with your new black man and forget about all the toil and work you're use to and the end result will be an enlightened, feminine and carefree woman. See how happy and elegant you (or your progeny/same difference) will be with your new black skin and you can finally forget about clueless Whitey in the back.

    What needs to be remembered and what they don't say is that such a coupling is terminal and final, once it happens there is no going back. It seems like they are presenting this result almost like a bottle of fake tan, a fashion accessory. No understand that this is permanent, thousands of years of diversification, refinement, and heritage gone.

    It is interesting to note how staunchly the thalmud (the primary text of Jewish Orthodoxy) forbids Jewish intermixing but hey they are happy for everyone else to do it (Joogle: Barbara Lerner Spectre).

    The average African IQ 67 (African American 85 due to white DNA in the mix) average White IQ 100.

    So to strip a people of their ancient heritage and identity introduce new multkwulturalism, promote miscegenation which reduces native white IQ (while simultaneously civilizing homo erectus blacks by interbreeding and you get pliable goyim slaves which can be handed down for generations. Just in accordance with the thalmud playbook where everyone except the Jew is an animal.

    People wonder why the Jews are disliked/hated. They also had a hand in colonial slavery but no one every makes movies about that because only whitey cracka gon dun slavery to dem poor black folk.

    This ad is rotten to the core!

  5. The Jewish company CBS Outdoor is responsible for all these ads.