Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Evil Whites Being Evil By Staying Alert to Predation (Translation: White Survival Is Bad. We Must Allow Blacks to Attack Us If They So Wish)

White lady, you're so rayyyciss for acting nervous when that random black guy comes and sits down next to you on a park bench. You shouldn't be that way. It's rayyyciss. You need to forget the fact that, as an elderly white lady, you are likely to have fairly ineffective musculature, and that a young, full-grown male of any race will likely be able to injure you in fractions of a second and rob you of your belongings. Just forget about that. Don't pre-judge. No need to be on-edge.

And the fact that the guy is not only young and male and fairly large and healthy, but also black, shouldn't enter into it. Hell no. It would be rayyyciss if you said that mattered. You just need to forget about all the facts and figures that you might hear (as rumor, of course, because it certainly isn't reported on the Talmudvision) that blacks are 50 times more likely to attack whites than vice versa.

Just forget about that. Nor should you scroll through sites like this, because they report facts and figures that are, like, so totally rayyycisss.

[Bonus Video: Alternate Version of Yesterday's Ad, Featuring Pre-"Boo!" Ultraviolence.


  1. The more I learn about blacks - and there is so much to learn, because the reality of the genetic savagery of the cockroaches of humanity is censored - the more I get depressed that we have to breath the same air as these mutants of nature.

    Whites make up less than 8% of global population. In 1950 whites were closer to 1/3rd. This is soft genocide plain and simple. When will enough be enough?

  2. I know there are some decent non Whites.
    Why don't they show Ads where a black man beats the hell out of some gang banging thug. For the bad relationship these thugs have created with the Whites and all the resentment and fear THEY'VE created.
    At the end of the Ad the good black man could say ' Niggers. We don't need em.'

  3. What is truly amazing is that anti-white and pro-miscegenation propaganda is not unique to the US, it is endemic to the White Western World.

    I fear that Western civilization is doomed. It's only fighting chance is the presence of sites like this one. Without the internet, the global non-white demographic tsunami would have continued without a whimper in the mainstream media.

    Check out these shocking anti-drug videos from France, in which only middle-class whites are portrayed as drug abusers. In the last one, it gets beyond sickening: we have irresponsible, decadent whites, and an uprighteous, heroic black marrying a beautiful white girl.

    What is happening in the world today is downright frightening.

  4. @ Artur

    Of course blacks behave here in Europe the same way like in USA. It doesn't matter where you take a monkey to. It will still be a monkey.

  5. There are certain parts of this country, where if you're a white female alone, waiting for a bus or walking down a city street, etc. you are a fucking idiot if you don't take the presence of young black males around you seriously.

    These 2 videos are so damn offensive - mocking white women for following their own self-preservation instincts, in effect trying to get them to take suicidal risks... jesus, words fail me, these videos are sick.

  6. Hey, man. Check out 5th 3rd Bank's homepage, at Nary a single white in any of the images available at the site. There is of course one offspring of a black male, who may be the product of a black man and a white wimminz.

  7. Sooooo

    The White lady turned out to be correct. The Negro sat thisclose, simply to "mess wit her"

    The end proved she was right to be worried about the cocky negro.

    The savage son of a bitch was there for one purpose: intimidate.

    And we Whites are supposed to be the ones ashamed? Really??


  8. Just watched the second video

    Good God! WTF??

    I don't even know where to begin.

    blacks have ruined this country. Period.


  9. fear legitimized statistically is "racist" AND serves as a justification for a "savage" attack.

  10. hey, for one, i have the name of a black in jail, who swears by malcom x and was at the time 22 years old with 34,,,, yes 34 blakc kids all by white women in owensboro KY his name is floydd lawrence, and he is not the only one there who does this. I had heard about this before, and I have further proof. black girls and guys, go to your own black news network and look at the head line 72% of black babies are born to single moms. DUHR... I have a great friend who is a black Former NFL line backer, his wife is white, they have two kids, I think thats great, but he is not trying to impregnate multiple women just to gather future vote ( and current vote, because a young mother will vote black if she has a black child)
    I am sorry for you white, asian, indian and natice american mothers of black babies, whos daddy"s are also the daddy's of other black babies of other none black mothers, and have left the babies and moms on their own in a world full of anti white blacks whose whole idea is to create a single race. according to malcom x this needed to be done peacefully, and it is working....