Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nigerians Wont Rip You Off, White Lady

First, AWM would like to thank all our fans, especially those who have suggested material to be posted here. We apologise for the delay in accommodating your submissions or suggestions, but we actually have a bit of a backlog. It just goes to show how much Anti-White Media there is out there!

But today's post will be in keeping with this week's theme: "Don't be Untrusting, Whitey. That's Rayycisss!" It is a common motif in current Anti-White Media, spreading a destructive and dangerous message in the guise of your average Public Service Announcement about good sportsmanship or saying "please" and "thank you."

Like this week's "Boo!" videos, this ad asks you to ignore all your "racist" misgivings and just be trusting of blacks who couldn't, wouldn't possibly in a million years harm you or rip you off. The video tries to make the VIEWER feel rayycisss for thinking: "Oh. Nigeria. This white lady probably should be worried that her credit card info is being whisked around Lagos by an eight year old on a scooter." Oh but then come those two smiling black faces at :46 and :47 that say: "You rayyyciss. You thought we were criminal underworld types just because we're poor and black. You were wrong. All we want is for the beautiful rich white lady to get the right shoes!"

On some level, on a storytelling level, this ad has a heart-warming appeal. "Aww," we think, "the world isn't such a bad place after all." If there really was no danger in real life, then these videos would be spreading a valuable message. Unfortunately, the world is a dangerous place, and people should never be made to feel racist or wrong for staying alert, on their toes, suspicious, or skeptical. Such feelings help a species survive. You don't want to be a dupe.

This issue is particularly important to this writer. One night, as I was walking alone down a dark road, I noticed two black kids walking towards me. "Should I try to avoid them?" I thought. "Oh no. That would be so totally racist. I'll just give them a friendly 'hi' when we pass each other." Stupid me. One of the two kids pulled a gun and took my wallet. I was lucky to have escaped with my life.

If your instincts are telling you to be wary, chances are it's a good idea to listen.

Don't listen to those who tell you that to listen to your instincts is rayciss. These people are usually jews and zombified whites who want a white populace with no sense of self-interest.


  1. Man, I LOVE this site. But in this case, you are not correct.

    The ad is saying that it is normal to worry about your identity wandering around some third-world, negro, hell hole. You have every right to be worried. You SHOULD be worried.

    However, as long as you use the service advertised, relax; THEY will keep you safe. The company will - not the negroes flying around with your personal ID info. In fact, without that particular company, you'd be an idiot to do bidness with those filthy Africans.



    It takes a keen eye to be able to see between the lines. Advertising agencies try night and day to come up with ways to subliminally embed messages in our minds- we're all lucky to have AWM here to bust them in the act.

  3. "Making it okay to trust again."

    Yeah right.

    Translation: you stopped trusting, because you saw a spade for a spade.

    But then, subliminal coded mind-fuck messages like the one this commercial put forth were put ou tin such HUGE numbers, that gradually you were brainwashed, and so now that the job is almost complete, it's okay to trust again.

    Wicked, evil, insidious shit.

    Commenter number one is only halfway right: yes, ANW is correct. This shit is everywhere, it is evil personified, it is mind-control, and the sad news is that AWM only has 60ooo hits. The world will become sane again when AWM has 60 million hits!

    AWM: you got work to do my nigga!

  4. You should take a look at a ghastly documentary series, "Immigration Nation", the first episode of which aired on the SBS network here in Australia last night.
    It is an absolute and downright insult to the Australian people and the foundation and character of the Australian nation.
    It is ruthlessly and maliciously anti-White.
    I've been raising a voice against it.


  5. Well done Scott, know if its available online? Im in the UK, the BBC puts stuff online but it cant be viewed by people overseas, does SBS do the same? I dont know if a VPN can get round this, not tried.

  6. So, according to you, it is "anti-white" to portray "blacks as innocent" (your label). So any ad that fails to be ACTIVELY anti-black is now "anti-white".

    There were no negative portrayals of white characters in this ad at all. Unfortunately, even that is no longer enough to please the racists. Did you hear that, PSA filmmakers? You HAVE to portray black characters negatively in order to avoid the dreaded charge of "anti-white"! If you merely portray black characters neutrally or (*gasp*) positively, the racists will accuse you of being a grand conspirator in the dreaded plot of "white genocide"!!! According to them, ONLY white people should ever be portrayed positively in all media! Got that? (But don't call them "white supremacists", because they are not about supremacism at all. They just believe that ONLY white people should ever be portrayed positively in all media. That's not supremacism. Make sure to repeat this several times to yourself until you believe it.)

  7. White is considered the norm for most commercials in America and changes only by what demographic you're trying to appeal to. The nigerians steal your identity thing comes from a spam letter that sometimes goes around about some Africa prince who needs you to give them money to leave the country. This isn't about "oh silly racist lady", this is about people not hacking your computer.