Saturday, January 15, 2011

USA TODAY: Whites Are Psychokillers, Blacks And Hispanics Are Heroic

USA Today has used the tragedy in Tucson, Arizona as an opportunity to issue some Anti-White propaganda:

Images of the deranged white assassin Jared Loughner (who according to some sources might actually be jewish) have saturated the media landscape. But have you seen USA Today's story on Daniel Hernandez (below), a congressional intern who valiantly attended to Loughner's wounded and dying victims?

Such a juxtaposition of a "white" criminal and a minority hero might be considered a normal, occasional occurrence. It is bound to happen from time to time in a nation of 300 million, despite the fact that whites are far more likely to be the victims of minority crime than vice versa.

But then Anti-White Media moguls at the USA Today decided to pick at this fresh wound and, in the context of the Arizona tragedy, make the absurd, subjective, and totally unverifiable claim that
"blacks and Hispanics [are] twice as likely as whites to perform heroic deeds[!]"

This claim is apparently based on a study by Stanford Prof Philip Zimbardo, who says he seeks to probe deeper into why there are such striking differences between races with regard to heroism. He speculates that non-whites, "being discriminated against, have more compassion to others in need."

After doing some research on Zimbardo, I find nothing to dissuade me of the opinion that he is yet another academic of middling intelligence who nonetheless has made a "brilliant career" for himself by saying exactly what certain powerful groups want to hear.


  1. AWM : Yours is an important site.

    But: Please clean up the language / writing.

    You'll achieve nothing if you alienate the masses, and speaking like an angry high school student will not get you far.

    We support this site. We support your work. But please, try to sound more "scholarly."

    And don't take this comment badly: when SBPDL was first starting out, about a year ago, their posts were riddled with typos and other errors. It delegitimatized the whole site. We pointed it out, they acted, their readership skyrocketed, now they're putting out a book.

    Just sayin!

  2. Sorry, mate. I just get carried away. You are good to point these things out to me. I tried to clean it up a bit and tone down the teeny angst that takes over on occasion.

    Glad I have friends in high places. ;)

  3. I agree with anon. The more measured and academic you sound the better. We all feel anger about this blatent hate against whites but the enemy control the discourse, we have to be placid. Like Dave Bowman calmly distmantling HAL the computer in 2001.

    Also I feel that the use of racial epithets is counter-productive. Though AWM doesnt seem to fall into this trap, or does it? Good manners cost nothing and all that.


    Could you do an entry on this? Not necessarily a perfect fit for the site, but so much you could comment on.

    Here is one of the most egregious examples from Britain today:

    I see that every time I watch television for more than ten minutes!

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  8. this makes me happy and even smarter than I was before, so thank you... it's all about good and interesting information. I'll have been using the same style to redact my own blog.

  9. Yes. Zimbardo is a dipshit. Wrote a book called "The Lucifer Effect" which retread the tired ground of "evil in numbers" (aka "madness of crowds") and "evil in service of authority" (haven't been hearing that mantra daily since 1945) and singled out Abu fucking Ghraib. Pay no attention to the already hundreds of thousands of DEAD Arabs, indeed, he points to the soldiers who did that as the mirror images, the negatives, the equal opposites of the MPs who followed orders and left their victims alive - killing the innocent when ordered to is noble, taking unwise photographs while acting under orders is the blackest of evils.