Monday, January 17, 2011

NPR: Gringo Assassin, Brown Heroes

The Jared Loughner case elicits yet more Anti-White Media, more blatant brown boosterism, this time from America's Tax-Funded National Public Radio.

Here NPR reminds us that gay Mexicans are heroes and that white males are psychokillers.

Sure, in this case things just ended up that way. But why doesn't NPR feel the need to make a racial issue out of other crimes, far more numerous, in which the perp is brown or black?

They never do. That just wouldn't fit NPR's "anti-racist" narrative.

Anti-Racism is just a code-word for anti-white.


  1. WTF is up with the crosshairs in the NPR logo?

  2. "WTF is up with the crosshairs in the NPR logo?"