Monday, January 3, 2011

What Has Someone Been Smokin'?


You know someone has been smoking some serious Bizarro bud when they show a world populated by misguided white crack addicts shifting around like lost souls in Dante's Inferno, kids whose only hope is to be saved by the most self-righteous know-it-all bug-eyed black lady since Oprah herself.

She and she alone can save these vacant souls, their skin so white, their morals so threadbare.

Brought to you by the Talmudvision, aka joo fantasyland.


  1. It's even worse than that. The kindly black lady doesn't even care about saving these pathetic white kids - she's just there like a scientist on safari gathering cautionary tales that she can use to keep her own black children on the straight and narrow.

    "You don't want to end up like those white crack heads, do you?"

    An ad that wanted to effectively target the greatest number of people affected by crack in reality, would show a non-white parent going into a crack house filled with non-white crackheads.

    This is because in reality, non-whites are far more likely to use crack cocaine than whites.

    But as usual, adhering to a ridiculous politically correct agenda of how to represent drug addicts on tv is far more important than actually being effective.

  2. Great point, Anon. I think it also illustrates the first sacred law of 21st century media: Thou Shalt Show No White Role Models, As Such.

    I remember back when they had that Obama "beer summit." CNN had 4 black commentators to talk about what it all meant for "race issues" in America. CNN couldn't, wouldn't, and didn't feature a single advocate for the white perspective on screen. That would be too racist, I guess. (smirk)

  3. That is unbelievable. Kind of reminds me of another PSA I saw in about 2006 that just blew the top of my head off. It's two ladies in an elevator, one white one bantu, a scary black bike messenger walks in, the white lady clutches her purse, when the doors open the scary black exits and the bantu lady admonishes her friend for her natural reaction, then walks off haughtily, leaving her ashamed white friend behind.

    Now, this happened just a few months before a Columbia grad student was brutally raped and tortured in her NYC apartment by a black dude for whom she had held the elevator door, not wanting to be impolite and quite very possibly having been influenced by the fantasy land propaganda of the world AWM.

    Please read more about this fascinating case from the Columbia University student newspaper, the Columbia Spectator :

    Here's more from the Daily News (note the Dodson fellow - a cousin of Antoine's perhaps?, and the violence that is genetic in these people):

    Who remembers this elevator ad? And the Columbia case?

    Stand by for the mother of all AWM, from France.



  4. Thanks Artur.

    I couldn't find the one about the bantu lady, but I posted something similar today. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Pretty funny.

    I don't think it would be legal to show blacks in such a bad way. Even if it was archival footage.

  6. Here is that mother of anti-white media I was telling you about. It is from a communist mayor in the north of Paris, a 2011 calendar onthe town's web site; it's in French but Google will translate it for you. If you look closely you will see that every month has a different picture and a quaint little slogan that promotes "m├ętissage":

    I recommend going to this town's website to have a closer look :

  7. Artur,

    Thanks. I'll take a look!