Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reality vs. Antiwhite Hollywood Fantasy

The viral video of Epic Beard Man has been turned into a film by the Hollyweirds.

Of course the new film
Bad Ass distorts the original, real story out of all recognition. They say it is "based on a true story," but here, instead of the white 67 year-old getting harassed on a public bus by an uppity black guy, it is two white skinheads picking on a poor, innocent Mexican! Of course!

As if they couldn't just make a movie about Epic Beard Man. No: he's white, so that would be rayyyycisss.

Our culture has a disease of the soul.

Hat tip: Scotsman.

[By the way, happy New Year. Pardon if postings slow down for a few months. I have tried to keep it up to 12 to 14 per month for over a year, and of course there is always more to post. But don't worry: I'm not getting lazy--quite the opposite! I am writing a book on the subject of this blog, and I intend to finish sometime this year. This plus a full-time job. I still intend to post about once a week, so stay tuned. Normal posting pace will resume eventually. And I will keep you all informed on the status of the new book.]


  1. Great news about the book. Id like to think if there was anything we could do to help out you would let us know.

  2. Happy new year Newsabian and crew!

    There`s no need for apologies NeoSwabian,you`ve done a superb job.You take all the time you need comrade.

    We`ll keep the updates going in the comments section.

    As for this Epic beard man rip-off ha,ha what a crock of anti-whiteness.

  3. The reality of it is far worse. Danny Trejo (everybody's favorite white-butchering Mexican) isn't just protecting himself against skinheads (Hollywood's codeword for whites), he's actually protecting an old black man from harassment by the EVIL whites.

    Of course, braindead DWL's are just lapping this filth up.

    Don't believe me? Check IMDB -

  4. cant stand the guy.always think of him as that rapist from con air

  5. This is so fucking pathetic I am speechless. Everywhere you turn in the movie business there is another example of anti-white bias. That's why I refuse to see or read any of that Steig Larsson crap.

  6. I loved how in the Showtime series 'Homeland' there were skinheads in a bar that threatened some strangers. Because that happens ALL the time, amirite?

  7. Anti-White Hollywood Brainwashing - The Woodsman



  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwXq9SeBi9k

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B27EXfOrfcs

    Crystal Light = Anti-White

    Look how that bronze god of a negro appears to save the helpless White women, and she's undoing her blouse to show her whorish White "thanks" before she even walks all the way over to him.

  10. skinheads terrorising black neighborhoods has gotten out of control says hollywood ivory tower

  11. This isn't the first time that Hollywood has performed such a switcheroonie with the facts. Remember that story a few years back about the nigger sow who hit a guy with her car, drove home with him on the hood, and then left him to die in her garage? In the Hollywood version, it was a white woman who hit a black man.

  12. Boycott Hollywood.

  13. O/T This is a very subtle piece of media manipulation but all the more telling because of it.

    In 1993 a black 19 year called Stephen Lawrence was murdered by a gang of whites. Who until last week escaped punishment, now two of them have been convicted in a show trial Stalin would have been proud of.

    OK they probably are guilty but since this guy was murdered there have only been one or two more white on non-white murders. Meanwhile non-whites have murdered upwards of 100 white people in that time. But hey, who cares about them? They are only disposable whites after all.

    Thats the background. What Im drawing attention to is the image of Stephen Lawrence himself. This is the photo the MSM have used for most of the last 18+ years. Seems harmless enough.

    But today, for the first time ever I saw this photo. Its the uncropped version of the first photo.

    You can see the difference and you can see why the cropped version was preferred, its not a huge difference and it doesnt alter the facts of the case. But of course the cropping makes Lawrence look more passive, more sympathetic, more like the idealized victim the MSM and usual suspects are after.

  14. In my experience it is usually the blacks, pourta ricans, and other third world nation people who abuse the authority granted them in their occupations much more than whites.

  15. This is a prime example of why I am so selective of what I watch on television and in movies. I avoid the movies for another reason also.
    Most media has been infected with PC propoganda and lies to demonize and make a fool of the white man.

  16. Has anyone seen the new sitcom, "Rasing Hope"? The latest episode featured a wedding between a black man and a blonde white woman. Really sick stuff these Jews are pushing.

  17. Great blog. Finally somebody is collecting proof of the anti-white male media.

    However, I think anti-white MALE is more accurate than anti-white. Look at most of these examples. they are almost all mocking white MEN. Often by white women, or simultaneously portraying white women positively.

  18. AWM :

    Where have you been?

    You've never gone this long without posting.

    Please get your ass back to work !


    - crimesofthetimes.com

  19. This is my first time visiting your site.
    I think it's great what you're doing. Hope I live to see an end to all of this. So depressing.

    I'm sure the war vet from the original version wouldn't be too impressed either.

  20. I'm sure the war vet from the original version wouldn't be too impressed either.

    I did read some left/liberal whose criticism of this film was that it was a way of avoiding paying Epic Beard Man any money. Could be true as well but even this guy wouldnt admit that there was an anti white agenda. He probably thinks Hollywood is run by evil white racists.

  21. When a black guy punches a 96 year old pensioner, nothing happens:

  22. O/T

    A reminder about the immigration restriction petition in the UK. Please vote! No to 70 million.

    Its a very mild proposition, so mild that in theory no one could disagree with it. It only needs 100,000 signatures to be debated in parliament and has gone well past that now but the more signatures, the louder the message.

  23. Anytime you watch Televison...ANY Television, the Jew takes a dump in your soul. It isn't culture, it isn't art, it is just the modern variation of the Yiddish Scheisse anti-culture. They have been doing this for thousands of years.

  24. Notice how when the old guy hit back the black guy everyone in the bus was like "oh my god, oh shit, what are you doing?" And imagine if the black guy would have been in a gang and had a gun...the old guy would be killed and we would never find out about this because the media doesn't report black on white crime. Thank god I live in Europe and it's nowhere near as bad as this.