Thursday, March 8, 2012

Naked White Woman [Random White Male Carnage] Cool Black Guy

This one goes quickly, so you have to watch closely. But the message is clear: white males are the disposable, queer, rightful-recipients of violence and shame. Black males are the rightful recipients of porno messages from white women.

This commercial has an arc, a structure. I can block it out for you. It goes something like this: Naked White Woman [Random White Male Carnage] Cool Black Guy.

We see a duckfaced naked sudsy slut sending her photo through some Motorola messaging service or apparatus. The next few scenes trace the trajectory of the message: first she lights up the wires of a phone line, as if her message was still being sent the old fashioned way and was too hot for the old network to handle. The white phone company employee is not the intended recipient of the message. He's just gawking as it passes by him; in fact as a telecommunications lackey he is only there to facilitate its passing, and he is slacking on the job, drooling over an image not for him.

We are supposed to imagine the image moves on through the sequence of scenes. At each stage, white males are humiliated, infantilized, and bitch-slapped. The at :17 the poor white boy Jimmy behind the bathroom door is implicitly masturbating to the slutty pic. Then in quick succession three white men get slapped, two of whom are homos and all of whom are ugly.

It is no accident that the "cool black guy" (who in no way gets slapped, humiliated, or depicted as gay) stands below what looks to be a line dangling from above. He is, visually, the end of the line, i.e. the phone line that the white phone technician was working on. So the white woman at the beginning and the black guy at the end are bookends. He is the terminus of her slutty text.

What do you think the odds were that this interracial pairing was intended from the beginning, at the inception of this ad? I can see it now: ad agency assholes sitting in their sewing circles, trying to concoct a way for a naked white woman to be paired with a cool black guy's gaze.

Such is often the goal in our genocidal 21st century western visual culture.

[Update: Still working on my book related to this blog. Thanks for your patience while the posts are few-and-far-between for the next several months. I do hope to post a few more this month, however.]


  1. Sir Neoswabbers :

    As always, your analysis is excellent. More please!

    We need you to post more often.

    There is simply too much at stake for you to remain silent weeks at a time.


    - Arturo

  2. Neoswabbers :

    PS: Is there any way you could eliminate that annoying security phrase that you have to type in at the end?

    It is really hard to read and, I bet, really not necessary, given the number of comments this site generates.

    Please consider.


    - Arturo

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  3. Neoswbian,

    Excellent site. If each of these posts included the email address of the ad agency and coporate CEO involved we could let them know that we are 'outing' their cultural Marxist message and will continue to spread the message to avoid their products as long as the acts of visual violence continue.

    Just a few emails linked to your site and analysis to each offending corporation would at least put them on notice that there is a growing backlash to this type of visual assault.

  4. Excellent website, precisely what I need... I'm writing a post for my own blog: "From white racism to anti white racism". I need a few examples of violent a.white racism, do you have any? I probably won't need to look very far...

  5. RHETORICAL QUESTION..The jews that did that one [ a real ugly one] is their ad agency in L.A.? or?
    I think ya should include the CEOs email so those that want can let him know about yr lil site!
    love from soviet monika...k

  6. watched it a second time..gays dont punch, they. like gal prior to their clip, slap like girls

    yet one more stereotype, gays wont / cant fight

  7. There must be thinktanks to come up with this kind of subliminal propaganda. I've got to watch the ads a couple of times to see all the hidden messages. Marketing is an evil business. I must admit that slut is smokin' hot...