Thursday, March 15, 2012

[It is amazing that this show Bonekickers failed to catch on, seeing as it was aimed so narrowly at the enormous "Black British Archaeologist" demographic.]

At :15 we hear a sagacious black man whisper "If you don't know your past, how can you know your future?"

Now, in a normal Britain this would be good advice. Archaeologists would dig up a mountain of evidence showing whites to be the aboriginal inhabitants of their island. Knowing this past, they would promote a future that maintains that heritage.

But in a Britain limping through an age of Anti-White Media, we are brought to the opposite conclusion. Here whites play second fiddle, at best, while blacks are archaeologists, politicians, lovers, and wise men and wise women.

Under the direction of the morally perfect and uber-professional black main character, we find that Britain was always multicultural--"What the hell is a middle-eastern coin doing in a park in Somerset?"-- while at the same time discovering how, historically, whites have been evil slave drivers and evil crusaders and generally evil and culturally insensitive.

But isn't it culturally insensitive to subject white Britain to such an intellectual lashing when no one is producing similar shows in, say, Turkey or Saudi Arabia or Sub-Saharan Africa? -- A show where noble proud whites uncover evidence of centuries of oppression and slavery and brutality fostered by the local Turks, Saudis, and Africans?

Anti-Racism is just a code word for Anti-White.

I give you an episode-by-episode Bonekickers rundown, provided by an anonymous contributor. (Thanks!)

Episode 1: Blonde-haired, blue-eyed Christian terrorists declare a Crusade on poor, innocent brown Muslims. Including one scene where the evil white Christian decapitates an innocent Muslim.

Episode 2: They discover some relic of horrific white-on-black slavery in Bristol, and we get an hour of White Guilt about slavery, on top of a Black Presidential candidate being racially abused by an evil white racist. It also turns out that Black soldiers played a pivotal role in the Revolutionary War in America, but it had been covered up because of evil white racists.

Episode 3: They discover that Boudicca, the Ancient British Queen who famously fought back against the Roman immigration to Britain 2,000 years ago, was actually secretly having an affair with one of the Roman immigrants.

Episode 4: The white female archaeologists tells us that Northern European archaeology is pathetic and boring compared to wonderful Egyptian and Middle Eastern archaeology. We never built anything good and were just savages eating dung. There's also White guilt about looting Middle Eastern artifacts.

Episode 5: I can't remember but it's something that undermines Britain's sense of pride about World War I, they uncover some dead bodies which were on some secret mission to kill some German civilians or something, and the British army tries to cover it up.

Looks like Britain had an evil past and, as punishment, will have a brown future, courtesy of the BBC.


  1. Don't forget episode 6, where they discover King Arthur's Excalibur and find out it was made in Africa!

  2. The reviews made me slightly less suicidal.

    "The series debuted to broadly negative reviews. The Guardian's Gareth McLean described the show as "mind-bogglingly dreadful", with "lame characters delivering abysmal lines",[10] David Chater of The Times thought it "rubbish",[11] and The Independent's Thomas Sutcliffe found it laughable and full of absurdities, while also observing that "Professor Magwilde's approach to archaeology is unconventional. She likes to squat at the edge of the trench and mutter urgently, 'Come on! Give up your secrets!'"[12] In BBC Two's Newsnight Review, the author Kate Mosse asserted it would be "great for teenagers", while the academic and critic Sarah Churchwell said the "execution [was] appalling" and that it was "beyond silly"; John Mullan likewise criticised the show's absurdities, saying that "Hokum has to have its own logic".[13] The New Statesman described it as "dramatic goo".?

  3. btw you're more than welcome to add my Glee post to your anti white propaganda site.

  4. Episode 4: The white female archaeologists tells us that Northern European archaeology is pathetic and boring compared to wonderful Egyptian and Middle Eastern archaeology. We never built anything good and were just savages eating dung. There's also White guilt about looting Middle Eastern artifacts.

    The Real Episode 4: The white female archaeologists discover Egyptians weren't black as negroes claim, then shut the fuck up for fear of losing the grant that essentially pays them to play in a life size sand box full of Egyptian, but not black Egyptian because Egyptians weren't black, treasures.

  5. Neoswabbers : God knows that there is SO much out there that would fit nicely on this blog.

    I watched Panic Room with Jodie Foster the other night. Oh. My. God. It was made in 2002, the anti-white in this film is so over-the-top it is just unbelievable.

    There are so many more movies like it. Please consider reviewing some for this edifying web site.

    How can the little worms who dream up this propaganda think they continue to get away with it, when there are sites such as this one in the anti-lies Internet Age?

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    Thanks in advance,


    - Arturo

    1. - Arturo

      Tell your girlfriend that official "followers" aren't an accurate measure of readership. I myself have been reading your blog for a month or so, and I don't even have a blogger account. But if she insists then I'll make one just to keep crimesofthetimes going.

    2. Arturo - true about 'followers' not telling the whole story. I read loads of blogs, I dont 'follow' any of them. However in light of your girlfriend's ultimatum I now 'follow' Crimes of the Times.

  6. Love this blog!

    Please profile the new Andre 3000 commercial for Gillette:

    In which Andre thinks he could be easily mistaken for an "English Gent(leman)" (!!!!!) or "Viking" (!!!!!) depending upon the shape of his facial hair.

  7. Great blog!

    I just seen this blatantly anti-White commercial from Allstate Insurance this morning:

    I thought I'd submit this here.

  8. To all musicians who are thinking of buying Mackie products. Mackie has just joined the antiwhite advertisers with the commercial posted on their website. The product is the DLI1608. It features a hygenically challenged white guy acting primitive caveman like, and at the end a clean know all black man. I guess it's ok to heartlessly mock people that have health problems that may make them smell, as long as they are white.

  9. Hi neoswabian, I suggest you to add these sites in the list and remove "i am an elglish man" because it is no longer available. Now that site is renamed
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  10. Boycott Verizon.

    Commercial in which a middle aged, middle class white husband & wife covet the symbol of "a richer lifestyle" - a "hip hop mogul's car."

  11. May I use this for an article on my site?

  12. Of course you can incog just have a ref to this site

  13. Because so many blacks are into archaeology...

    Their propaganda gets more ludicrous with each passing day - a clear sign of weakness and desperation.

    It is so crude, silly and laughable as to be actually highly diverting to anyone with an IQ north of 130.

  14. Thanks, will do on the link and ref here.

    I also have a big anti-White video page under my banner with you linked up.

    Good job on exposing this crap. I can't watch TV for 5 minutes without seeing something anymore.