Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Cermonial Blackworship

What in heaven's name were they thinking?

But I called it.  I knew the Olympic organizers for London 2012 wouldn't be able to promote an iota of nationalist sentiment, as we saw in Beijing. No. They would have to prostrate themselves before the New World Order, parade around their dread-locked eye-dolls like a multiCULTy Moloch!

But of course, according to Danny Boyle, Britain was ALWAYS multicultural. Did you see all those dusky 17th century agrarians? Proof!

My Filipino friend laughed out loud at this moment, captured in the video above. Of course casting was going to conjure up a pair of youthful, flirtsy blacks for us, with the girl a little light-skined in order to imply subtly a bit of miscegenation in her past and our future.

It's just a tiny flirtatious moment--and yet it becomes the front-and-center focus of a (formerly) white nation's Olympic opening ceremony, normally the showcase through which a nation expresses its identity.

I guess this, then, is Britain's sense of self: dark faced people tussling over a cell phone. From Shakespeare and Thomas Tallis to this! Depressing.
Why can't whites, especially in Anglosphere, see that their weird, dark fixations look strange to the rest of the world (as to my Filipino friend) for whom racial abasement is not (yet) a religious tenet?

And religious it is, shown here, with a chorus line of whites, arms a-sway in raptures of devotion.

[Sorry for the extra long lapse. I was on the road and burdened by other writing projects. Please be patient if I fall off the radar from time to time!]



    this one is a fake ad for Durex condom.

    The sad and disturbing thing is that it's fake and made by a comedy channel, but still comes to the conclusion that white men are silly and childish, and the colored dude is cool and macho. I fear that shit is getting interlaced in the upcoming generations brains....

    1. OMG! In 2012 the joke writers still play the old stereotype of black men being better endowed in non blacks?

      Star Wars goes muh dik it seems...

      At least they got the lines from the movie included. That was in part amusing.

  2. White Russian Viktoria Komova was clearly the best performer in women's gymnastics in the London Olympics but was given a lower score for her extraordinary final floor performance than the black American Gabby Douglas. Watch Gabby looking crest-fallen as Komova turns in a gold medal performance. But wait, Gabby, affirmative action dictates that the black girl must win, so dishonest judges award Komova a clearly artificially low score to engineer the black "victory". Welcome to Jewish central banker rule Komova. We all know who really gave the gold medal performance.

  3. Great to see you back. I've been trying to pick up the time when you are off but you are a very hard act to follow. Very eloquent writing my friend.

  4. Heads up: latest JC Penny back-to-school commercial shamelessly promotes miscegenation.

    1. Drop a link! Lets see this new JCP bullshit!

  5. Great to see you back man!

  6. Dude, that JCP ad is sooo damn obvious! It's disgusting!!

  7. Is this the JCP ad every one is bitching over or is there another one?

  8. Fuck the London games opening.

    White woman with a black man and their mixed daughter had to go to a 'cool' black man.

    No love for Asians, Whites, Latinos, Arabs...Only the black man would be paired with that gal.

    Try too hard on the black/white hype UK? That black male on white female hype that is...


    This is the JCP ad in question.

  10. They aren't London 2012, the are "Negro Worship" 2012.

    Gabby Douglas didn't win the gold. The Russians on the podium with her know damn well she didn't. God forbid they take the name of the negro in vain though, for they'd be stripped of their medals on the spot, accused of racism, and be sent straight home.

  11. I [like many] put the 'O' as a non event. Thanks for the 'Orwellian' media clip.

    and yes, shes Mulatto. Not that it matters, much. just a trace
    [pun intended].

  12. JC Penny knows that advertising with Black males appeals to White females, hence the commercial.

    White males, your females hate you. Get over it. LMAO!

  13. Blacks males are only able to access the lowest class of US white females. These females are from working class backgrounds, broken homes, low education, insecure, heads full of Jewish psyop 'popular culture' that encourages them to mate with blacks and produce low IQ, low productivity children.

    The beautiful thing is that this rids the European
    race of its least fit members.

    Blacks figure even a dumb proletarian white girl is better than any other girl which is a tacit acknowledgement that they consider
    even our worst to be superior to them.

  14. Dear Neoswab,

    Check spelling of ceremony in headline, and delete this post.

    A friend

  15. Yup. I suspected we'd be subjected to something like this but tuned in anyway out of morbid curiosity. Less than two minutes in and my worst fears were confirmed with the sight of rustic, pre-Industrial Revolution English being portrayed by a ludicrously multi-ethnic cast of gurning retards. It was at that point that I switched off the television in disgust, since I don't like having my intelligence insulted, nor the history of my ancestors spat upon. The entire spectacle was both embarrassing and degrading, as well as sadly predictable.

    Best wishes from Airstrip One...