Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pepsi: Blacks Lead Revolt Deposing Feminized Whitey

Pepsi here tries to encourage an on-going social revolution in which white males are ridiculed and downtrodden. We laugh when the white jester falls through the floor. Of course he's white because he's queer and can't sing and tries to be hip and fails and get's a likely fatal punishment. Hilarious. Of course it's the blackish woman who has the powerful voice, who overturns the old order for "dah people, yo" who symbolized the mixed-race, miscegenating mob. Of course it is no accident that as the black woman croons and gyrates her pelvis, demanding RESPECT, the camera pans to a white woman with a block-jawed (clearly non-feminized) black guy (:30) and a white guy with a distracted black woman.

Of course dah white king gets usurped by the undulating, mixed-race rabble; he falls through the floor and gets mocked by yet another black guy. The white king, it seems, cant even get a break in this new pseudo-hell. He has fallen to the lowest of the low, and the black soul sistah now rules.

All this is to say that while the new political paradigm claims we are all one world, all soul brothahs and sistahs, and thus should all embrace in brotherly love in a world-wide group hug, the opposite is actually the case: in the new order, white males are the enemy because the multicultural mob feels entitled to take from them goodies and power. And empowered blacks and half-blacks are going to distribute these goodies to the mob. Sound familiar?

While we are told how horrible it was for Hitler to scapegoat the Joos, it seems it is perfectly ok to depict all white males as dorks-who-deserve-to-die. Apparently, in the age of Anti-White Media, that's not offensive at all.

Just more propaganda to excuse the on-going genocide in all white countries and only white countries.

Boycott: Pepsi


  1. Excellent analysis as always Neoswabbers.

    TLTG (too lazy to google) : Was this a superbowl add?

    Let them keep up their sinister agenda of afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted. Whitey is finally starting to wake up to the utter uselessness of niggers and the gargantuan menace they pose upon the planet by outbreeding the wildlife they are so closely related to in Africa.

    The niggers there are slaughtering the magnificent herds of elephants to sell the ivory to the greedy dirty little copy monkeys over in Asia; we all know that the chinks could not give two shits about wildlife preservation or maintaining any kind of cleanliness on this planet - that is the prerogative it seems strictly of do-gooder whitey, whose medical and agricultural technology, innate altruism and overall munificence have allowed billions of non-whites who would otherwise not exist to grow like bacteria in a petri dish.

    Does that sound racist?

    Answer: you betcha!

    They are pushing us to write shit like this though with the never-ending and even worsening onslaught of their anti-white (male) campaign. They've pushed our numbers down to <8% of global population (from a high of 33% in 1950). Their little plan almost worked, but then Al Gore invented the Internet. Oops!


    - crimesofthetimes.com

  2. I remember watching this during the Super Bowl and thought, "This one's a keeper for Anti-White media."

  3. Not to mention even the White king is effeminate (I think its Elton John to boot).

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  6. Neoswabian - I think this film from 2010 is a classic of the anti-white genre. It was intended to promote climate change activism but backfired big time as it was seen as an endorsement of terrorism, killing school children etc. Of course the mainstream reaction was all about the climate change rather than the anti-white theme. However when I first saw it I was struck immediately by the anti-white thread running through it.

    10:10 - No Pressure

    Made by the jewish Richard Curtis of 'Four Weddings & A Funeral' and 'Notting Hill'.

    There are four scenes,the first two have the most impact. The second two feature various celebrities and are just silly, the real message is in the first two.

    Lets run through it.

    Scene one, classroom full of quite attentive children and a nice liberal school miss.

    But whats this at 0:10? Someone looks bored and disinterested. He doesnt care. That would be a white boy of course. Note also he seems to be alone, the emotional message is clear, he is alone, you dont want to be like him.

    0:14 White kid sitting next to non-white kid. More importantly its a white girl, with a non-white boy. Never too soon to start encouraging the right attitude.

    0:24 A black boy is (who else?!) asking the intelligent question. An attractive white girl looks over her shoulder at him, further endorsing him. And Miss talks about getting his dad to insulate the loft. His dad? We dont know about mum. He could be in a nuclear family or perhaps a single parent family headed by dad. But, most importantly we've been reminded our racist notions about black absentee fathers have no basis in reality.

    0:36 A pretty white girl is very enthusiastic for the project, but no white boy is.

    0:46 Miss calls for a show of hands, who is going to do the right thing? As a bonus we get at 0:49 black boy sitting very closely with white girl.

    0:51 That show of hands, now we see who is bad. A white boy, the bored kid at 0:10 and white girl (not as pretty as the one at 0:37). Note how the shot is framed to make them look alone and isolated. Ugh, who wants to sit with those losers! No friends for them and certainly not every white child’s dream - a black friend.

    Then, quite properly, the teacher murders the disgusting white vermin at 1:11.

    Scene Two. Generic Office.

    1:29 White girl, we know she has some brilliant ideas! Again no white man has managed to come up with anything. How different the advance of science might have been had any white men ever shown an interest in it.

    1:39 Who wants to get involved? Centre screen asian man, white girl. Thats a twofer, juxtaposition of mixed pair and they want to do the right thing. All non-whites present put their hands up.

    1:46 Girl who isnt quite convinced, who seems rather less attractive that the brilliant girl at 1:29.

    1:47 Two white men who arent convinced. They arent bright eyed and bushy tailed.

    1:51 Blink and you’ll miss him, another white man who isnt convinced.

    2:02 as in the classroom, the white sub-humans are then murdered.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_L7qoP17-w

    Boycott Qtv

  8. Yes,the wet dream of white anti-whites.

    Their imported Faithful Colored Companions rising up to take their deserved place as Kings of the castle in every white country on Earth where they will rule as wisely and benevolently as the Obamassiah showering non-existent state revenues onto ever-growing masses of ever-poorer brown people.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  9. http://www.iqelite.com/

    This site is FULL of images of interracial couples, in some images with more than ONE interracial couple!

    I suggest taking it down.

  10. I just joined IQ Elite to take the IQ test. Ive taken those sort of tests a few times now and I always get the same score maybe plus or minus a couple of points. This is important because leftists are always denying the reality of IQ, the way I see it as my results are pretty stable it must be measuring something real.


    Based on my IQ their system popped out about nine women, 8 white 1 black. They dont know Im white.

    So while they may promote all sorts of inter racial imagery on the home page, thats all nonsense as their IQ filter is going to weed out a lot of blacks. Other ethnic groups otoh...

  11. Hi,

    here's one for the AWM collection from the Netherlands.
    Broadcasted last summer.

    Nerdy car sales man.
    White woman interracial with “cool” black reggae man.
    Black reggae man shows nerdy sales man how to be cool with a white woman.

    URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KmmL7Ut3oo

    It’s spoken in a kind of Dutch / Jamaican / English.

    - Hi.
    - Good day to you, can I help you?
    - Yeah maaan, we want to buy a cooool car.
    - Ow, what a coincidence, look the Suzuki Alto, with airco.
    - Let’s go cruizin’ maaan.
    - Ow, look, the cool button (airco button).
    - Yeah.
    - But... you have to close the window. Push the window button. To make it... huh, more cool.
    - Relax man, it’s a cool car maaan. Gimme the box (?)

    Wondering what there actually trying to sell us?
    The car or the interracial relationship?
    In fact we buy neither!

    Anti-racism is just a code word for anti-white!

    Boycott Suzuki

    Download the ad, it’s not on my YT account.
    Please delete this post after reading.

    Love your blog / work, it made me much more aware and critical of the daily subtle multiracial indoctrination from the media.

    Greetings from Europe.

  12. Here's a couple more commercials for you. Both are of the smart Black people helping stupid White people variety.


    Farmer's Insurance:

  13. what an ugly looking tarbaby at 0:57

  14. This ad is a subliminal political ad for the Democratic party. The king in the commercial symbolizes the hated Republican party(straight rich White men) and the loud black singer and her masses symbolizes the Democrats with their rabble-rousing masses of blacks, arabs, asians, jews, hispanics, indians, assorted mongrels, self-hating Whites, feminazis, and gays.

    All in all, this ad is an Obama 2012 campaign of sticking it to "whitey".

  15. Sticking it to whitey and taking his property...

    And the "Jews" pretend to be mystified about "anti-Semitism" as they lamely call it.

  16. Pepsi really like sticking it to white males don't they? Its strictly formulaic, let's-make-a-bash-white-men-ad-by-numbers construction kit stuff.

    Here's two more from the same femnazi, no-borders freakshow that is Pepsi.



    Yours truly - Solly Shekelstein

  17. And the low life creeps that produce this drivel don't think their propaganda is being recorded, analyzed and decoded for the masses, nor do they suspect the massive backlash that is building against their hate machine every day.