Friday, March 30, 2012

Know-It-All Black Lady The "Brains Of This Operation" On Helpless Whitey

The white male patient is just meat to be humiliated.

The white male surgeon is unethical.

The black lady is the "brains of this operation." She calls out her co-worker on his unethical behavior. She's the judge of white male morality.

She knows everything. She's a brain surgeon. She also knows a more efficient way for whitey to plan his vay-cay.

Note the weak-armed whitey hi-five. Note the disapproving black lady gaze.

Thus we have yet another ad in which blacks fill the role of the Big Other. The Lacanian Big Other, simply put, is the person or thing before whom one must keep up appearances, before whom one must be on good behavior. The Big Other can be a state or a parent. Here, as well as in a thousand other Anti-White ads, the Big Other is the black gaze. Why must the New World Order social engineers constantly promote blacks as this Big Other, and show whites, especially white males, as kowtowing to their afro-centric worldview?

Boycott: Kayak.


  1. Yuck.

    Jewish creepiness knows no bounds.

  2. The agenda of white male displacement is so blatant that volumes of this stuff is now being stockpiled daily for future tribunals where the malefactors will be held to account for their hate crimes.

    Names are being taken.

  3. Guess who gets business grants in this country? Anyone BUT white males. This stuff is right in the open now 100% now, but it is a good thing esp. for white politicians to sell out their lower class slaves. When will we work together to stand-up against the crimes against us?

  4. The surgeon looks like a Ashkenazi jew and not white...