Monday, April 25, 2011

Smug MSNBC Anti-White Attacks Voters for VWW (Voting While White)

"What makes those voters so ignorant [that they would vote for Michelle Bachmann]?" asks MSNBC Anti-White Arch-Deacon Lawrence O'Donnell.

Are they ignorant because Michelle Bachmann is one of these kinds of people?

No. For O'Donnell, all it takes for a voter to be ignorant, apparently, is for him or her to be white.

Would O'Donnell heap that same smug condescending scorn on the 90+ percent of blacks who voted for Obama? Of course he wouldn't. Black support for Obama is seen as normal, even praiseworthy, by the MSM. But when white people support a white candidate, even at a much lower percentage (52), O'Donnell grins his cocky grin (at :05), thinking he has these whites pegged as raayyyyciss.

(O'Donnell lives in the big city - but how can he be so provincial? Doesn't he know that Anti-Racist is just a code word for Anti-White?)

What is wrong with this picture? Why would O'Donnell say that ignorant people are white? Why is he so Anti-White? Why does he make millions spreading Anti-White religiosity? Why is he a tool for the Pink Rabbits?


  1. The first word that springs to mind when anyone thinks of white Americans is "ignorant"?

    Enjoy those shekels while you can you pathetic sell out.

  2. Yes. O'Donnell the Jewtoy. Bend o'er O'Dunghill.