Thursday, April 7, 2011

CNN Heroes: Promoting Off-The-Charts Levels of White Guilt Penance and NFS (Negro Fixation Syndrome)

CNN Heroes provides a hagiography of a new saintly class of white blacktivist benefactors. Oh, if only we could all be like these women and go to Africa and virtually or actually adopt a little black accessory to complete our liberal worldview.

To the black AIDS orphans, this project essentially says: "Hey, you know what you really need? You need to talk to a white person. Forget about all the black people you could talk to face-to-face. Only white people and the internet mentoring programs they provide will give you a future. Your future has absolutely nothing to do with your own effort, your own decisions, your own abilities. Your future will solely be determined by whether or not you have online access to middle aged white women. They are your salvation. So sit you here in your little internet confessional booth and talk to your "mentor." She will redeem your blackness. She will give you a chance. And if she finds you worthy, she might even adopt you and set you among the holy owners of three car garages in Florida or Kansas or Oregon. And she might provide you with an iPad or an iPhone. All you must do is grovel before her in your pathetic vulnerable way and be black, very black, and you will satisfy her NFS (Negro Fixation Syndrome)."

To white women, it says: "You must pay more attention to some distant black kids because they're black. And if you help blacks and talk to blacks and pay attention to blacks and chat online with blacks and adopt blacks and feed blacks and serve blacks and clothe blacks and house blacks and care for blacks and love blacks and save blacks and honor blacks and wonder about blacks and yearn for blacks and worship blacks, then and only then will you be numbered among the elect Thrones of CNN Heroes."

So why is this video Anti-White? Because as much as it shows how blacks,
with their incessant and insatiable "Gibbs Me Dat," are dangerously dependant upon white charity, it also implies that whites' lives are empty unless they are religiously committed to the service of blacks, the betterment of blacks, the survival of black children.

It promotes racial suicide. It promotes genocide.


  1. Whites have worth if they devote their resources to unfortunate black children according to Talmudvision.

    I'm sorry if I doubt the disinterested nature of this interesting premise and its kosher promoters.

  2. Those who volunteer on this mentoring program are better people than you miserable racists will ever be. They can look at an orphan and see an unfortunate child who needs someone to listen to them and show them that someone care about them. You look at an orphan and see only their 'blackness'. They are the kind of people this world needs more of, the kind of people who should be inspiring the next generation, and you are the kind of people who ruin their good work with your us-vs-them neuroses.

    1. You should go to Africa and experience what black people do. The world needs less black people. Adopting HIV infected black children is not good work.

  3. Adopting black children with AIDS is suicide!