Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hermit "Nazis" In South America Get Mocked By Suburban Mulatto

This video builds up to the 6:10 mark, where the cocky mulatto Derrick Beckles shows his stripes. "This is what you've wreaked" he says with mocking condescension, gesturing to his white hosts

The men who have invited him into their humble abode are the Schweikhart brothers, whom Mr. Beckles connects rather unconvincingly and tenuously in a montage to Hitler and the Nazis.

Beckles mocks them for living as solitary, anti-social hermits. Yet I am sure if he looked hard enough in the jungles and mountains of South America, he would find lots of people living in even more primitive circumstances. But he wouldn't go out of his way and charter a multi-thousand mile flight in order to mock just any old person for living in poverty and seclusion. The person has to be white. And if they're German--even better!

With his repulsive "Way. To. Go." at 6:18, Mr. Beckles condescendingly suggests that the evil Nazi's standing behind him have gotten their just deserts. Look what happens, he implies, when you try to form a racial utopia. He thinks he is being anti-racist.

But what he is really being is Anti-White: for Mr. Beckles doesn't take a flight to Sierra Leone or Liberia and mock the blacks there for their much more massive and significant failed racial utopia.

As early as the 1790s, British and North American white abolitionist evangelicals such as Thomas Clarkson tried to set up a utopian society of freed black slaves in Sierra Leone. The recent history of that country, however, has been anything but utopian. A military coup in 1992 and another in 1997 have led to total chaos. Deployment of ECOWAS forces in 1998, UN peacekeepers in 1999, and British troops in 2000, all failed to stop a civil war that over the last decade has led to 100,000 deaths in the tiny nation.

The story of Liberia is equally depressing. Started by a group of white abolitionists and evangelicals in Washington DC in 1816, it was supposed to be a paradisal haven for freed black slaves. The Charles Taylor wars of the past decade have led to 250,000 deaths, disease, and misery. But why do a story on that when you can have Mr. Beckles go to Paraguay to mock two white "Nazi" brothers for having no laundary facilities?

Why doesn't Mr. Beckles do a cover story mocking the victims of THIS failed utopia?

He never would because he is only motivated by a strict Anti-White agenda.


  1. Cherry picking. Unseemly gloating by the narrator.

  2. Yeah. You have to dig pretty deep to find examples of Germans failing at making a civil/civilized society... Whereas for the SubSaharan races, such failure seems to be the norm. The narrator's gloating is cherry picking indeed.

  3. What a disgusting person that guy is.

    "Hey let's go insult two old men living in poverty who invited me into their home."

    1. Indeed, I've only got respect for these old men surviving for so long in the jungle.

  4. what a terrible history, and interesting at the same time, you have to take into a account all the different point of view to give a opinion.

  5. He doesn't make fun of them, He seems to point out that they are the victims of a bait and switch. I've seen his other reporting he lays in hard on blacks and others too. Sadly you didn't do your homework on this Beckles guy.

  6. It is an interesting and funny video.