Friday, April 8, 2011

BBC: Feed The World, Not Yourself

For an Oxford don, Toby Ord's worldview sure seems infantile.

He justifies his "feed Africa; starve myself" motif by claiming it was the result of studying "philosophy and ethics"--as if anyone who studies such things will just naturally arrive at this conclusion.

Well, obviously there were some philosophers that he ignored in his studies. Nietzsche, for one, would have pointed out that Mr. Ord has been seduced into his charity by the feeling of moral superiority it lends: he is motivated to give his money away because it allows him to rise in the esteem of his Oxbridge friends and elicits the attentive gaze of BBC audiences.

Look at the intolerably smug way in which he urges all whites to join him in his crusade in "one of the most serious moral problems of our time."

Such self-righteousness! But the cause is fake: there has always been poverty and there will always be poverty. Poverty is nature's status quo.

I would argue that it is actually immoral to artificially increase the population of Africa by giving them TB drugs and other benefits. The continent is already having a hard time feeding the population it now has. If anything, Africa needs a decrease in population; it needs a population that it can sustain comfortably.

Immoral were the liberal whites who assumed they could come into Africa as little Jesus saviors and bring the population European-style progress overnight. So presumptuous it was; so smug and proselytizing and self-righteous. So immoral. So murderous.

Mr. Ord--
this micro-Geldof--is here promoted by the BBC for the same reason that CNN promotes it's "Heroes." Globalists need to drill into the white psyche the idea that it is our mission in life to help blacks--not to look out for our own ethnic interests.

And while educated, resourceful whites are busy with the endless and insurmountable task of helping blacks, they will be too distracted to notice that their homelands are being overrun with third world populations who, through democratic channels, will dispossess them.

Speaking of Geldof: I refer you to a wonderful essay on precisely this topic, on the absurdity of "Fighting Global (i.e. African) Poverty."

BONUS VIDEO: More Anti-White blackworship cultism from CNN "Heroes."

This guy Harmon Parker is from Kentucky. I have been to Kentucky. Plenty of poor people there. Maybe he should work a bit closer to home. But of course CNN wouldn't promote him and call him a hero if he was actually helping whites, heaven forbid.


  1. Your BBC story critique contained trenchant but seldom heard commentary on the dubious social motivations of some of the more publicity oriented do-gooders and their kosher media enablers.

    If I'm not mistaken someone else has remembered the excellent "Genealogy of Morals" from University or graduate school.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. "I'm Harmon Parker, and I build bridges to transform peoples lives" but just not in my home state because the poor people there are merely white and I wouldn't get anywhere near the social accolades nor would the kosher media put me on talmudvision and make me out to be a hero if I did.

  3. More false White guilt.
    Yeah that's what we need.
    ' Hey Whitey . Give me your house , your money, your women, your manhood. And anything else I can get out of you.'

  4. The morality of sacrifice is a weapon used by the have-nots to infuse the haves with guilt and induce them to abandon all that they have worked for; one does not have to be a cynic to realize that it is a morality that will be quickly abandoned when the have-nots become the haves.

  5. The chosen people use have mastered silent weapons for quiet wars.