Friday, April 1, 2011

CNN: Blacks Can Segregate; When Whites Do It For Their Own Self-Interest, it's a "Scar."

More Anti-White buffoonery from CNN.

This commentator is perfectly willing to accept that blacks might have legitimate reasons for wanting to segregate themselves. But she calls it a "painful" "scar" (1:56) when whites try to do the same.

This whole conversation begs the question, which CNN refuses to acknowledge: If blacks might benefit from studying among all blacks, and women might benefit from studying among all women, and men might benefit from studying among only men, wouldn't whites benefit from studying among only whites? But in this whole video, never once does anyone ask what is good for whites.

Sure, 60 percent of whites do well on standardized tests, while only 1/3rd of blacks do well. But American whites still lag behind their counterparts in Scandinavia. Perhaps if there were no blacks in the classroom, whites would a) be able to focus more on their studies and b) not have their teacher dumb-down the lesson for the benefit of the black students in the class.

But of course CNN would never, NEVER ask what would benefit white students. They only want to "close the achievement gap" between blacks and whites by throwing yet more money at the problem with special "mentoring" programs for blacks. Well the more tax-funded special treatment and attention paid to blacks means less attention paid to teach whites. And whites suffer doubly. Once in taxation and again in the classroom.

CNN should do a story on how billions have been paid toward closing this "achievement gap" for half a century, but we have gotten nowhere.

But they never will do that story. Nor would they do a story on how whites would benefit academically from going to all white, segregated classrooms.

But no one is asking what would be best for whites.

CNN is Anti-White.


  1. I like the closing question.
    Is this school doing the right thing.
    NO !! If they'd do the right thing then they'd be teaching these black kids to get out of America.
    Thanks to the moderator of this site. Your doing a great service to your people. Kudos plus.
    I'll start posting your site when I post on Stormfront.
    Keep up the good work. And check out this Cambells soup Ad that shows a n***** with a White woman and their mud baby.

  2. blacks are not the only ones who have all black programs. trust me on that one im black and at my university, asians and hispanics have it too. in my opinion i think whites should have it too. i think it be better, that way we all can be with our own people and stay away from each other. Life is much better when your hanging out with your own race.