Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More MSNBC Anti-White Attacks: Apologise, Whitey, for Calling Our Black King Racist, You Racist!

Yet more proof of the Anti-White ridiculousness of MSNBC. Ed Schultz here gives Lawrence O'Donnell a run for his money as the Anti-White pugilist par excellence and resident Jewtool.

Schultz regularly and explicitly accuses half of America, the white half, of being racist. But if one private white citizen expresses a similar opinion about Obama,
(even if that private citizen is a deluded "black founding fathers" promoter like Glenn Beck) Schultz goes absolutely ballistic.

Schultz here says, in a self-righteous "Mommy Professor" tone (at 2:03-2:06): "So...Where's the I'm sorry?" I could ask the same of him regarding the millions of Americans he continues to insult daily with the same "racist" aspersion.

I have two questions: Mr. Schultz, why are you an Anti-White? And MSNBC, why do you continue to have such a raging Anti-White on your payroll?


  1. al dem witees b raccis. eye b a circumfized blak jeenyis si iz nooz.

  2. i b soorie i speeled da wurd "sew" rong.

  3. Jewtool. Jewtool. Jewtool.

    Predictable. Boring. Repetitive.

    Jewtool. Jewtool. Jewtool.

  4. I agree... and so do I , I just hate that guy. Lawrence O'Donnell had the worst performance on T.V. in 1990. I couldn't ignore that silly show.

  5. Schultz is a Jewish name, it means tax collector.