Saturday, May 14, 2011

Whites Be Raaayciss When We Rape Dem

In this mini-documentary on Forsyth County, Georgia, we get a typical Anti-White Media position: black guys can rape and murder a white girl. No problem.

But then some inbred hick local white yokels get all mad and try to respond to this brutal gang rape/murder. That's when the moral indignation can appropriately start.

Whites getting mad when blacks gang rape a white girl is so wrong. It's so evil, so raaayyciss. Poor, poor, misunderstood, mistreated, pure, innocent, neglected, oppressed, victimized blacks.

Don't these white-tards know the proper, enlightened response when blacks gang rape and kill your sister or daughter is understanding and forgiveness? Sheesh. These hicks are so backwards.

It's not like it is a perfectly natural human response to want to kick a certain group out of your community when you feel that you have been wronged by them. No. That's so backwards. (Except of course when blacks do it or when whites are being driven out. Then the cause is noble and pure and good and "justice." Cases like this. Or this.)

So saith the Anti-White Media.

[P.s. I love how the pseudo-intellectual "Mommy Prof" Lawyer here manages to use some form of the word precipitated FOUR TIMES in about 30 seconds worth of interview. Hilarious!]


  1. No one is trying to force-integrate Turks and Greeks in the eastern Mediterranean. They have population exchanges. No one is legally coercing Hutus and Tutsis into inhabiting the same communities. They are perfectly entitled to self-segregate. No one is trying to force-integrate communities of Pakistani Muslims and Indian Hindus in provinces of the Kashmir. They only do force-integration in white communities. The evil whites of Forsyth, and everywhere in America, must get their steaming injection of non-whites by law.

  2. black fokes can rightly gets revenge on dey enemies.

    thoes rodney king riots wuz morally justified.

    white foaks ain't alloweds to gets no revenges, tho.

    shiiiiit. dat be racis.

  3. "Whites getting mad when blacks gang rape a white girl is so wrong."

    Get mad at the individual rapist as much as you want. The problem here was that the whites took it out on ALL the black people in the neighborhood.

    How would whites respond if a rape had been committed by a white rapist? Would they go after ALL white people? If not, then why go after ALL black people in response to a rape by a black rapist?

  4. Dixieman here. Anonymous, on average blacks rape between 35,000 and 37,000 white women each year while whites on average rape less than 4 black women during the same time period. That is just one of many alarming statistics (and yes, they are accurate and from the Dept of Justice) in relation to black on white crime. Why go after all of the black people???? Because you encountered a group of whites who have become fed up with pc/multicutural/libertard/blackworshipping media and mindset that has enveloped this country. Even if one of the black rapist had yelled "die you cracker bitch", this rape could never be classified as a hate crime. And of course, they might have been inspired by the numerous "beat whitey" nights that many of the "brothas" have found fit to roam in large packs and attack white people.

  5. Hey Dixieman, let me tell you about another alarming statistic. Men rape women much more often than women rape men! So, by your logic, let's go after ALL MEN, right?

    Besides, why should I even believe DOJ statistics? It's not like the feds have a perfect record of honesty. The very fact that they deliberately present the data in racial categories in the first place suggests that they are trying to manipulate people into thinking along racial lines. I am not so easily suckered, unlike you racist types.

  6. Dixieman here. Anonymous, you certainly show your true ignorance each time you post. The simple fact that you can totally ignore such a grotesque statistic says much about you. Rape is a crime of control and anger. Men being physically larger and stronger than women pretty much prevents any alarming numbers of men being raped by women. You are showing off that average IQ of 85 with that retort. And what should really alarm you about the DOJ crime statistics is that Hispanics (illegal and legal) are lumped in with whites, which does skew the favor of blacks.....Of course the statistics that are not covered by the DOJ, such as IQ averages, STD rates, fatherless home rates, and public assistance rates computed for race, show a very alarming reality. There is no need for you to be so easily suckered, you are not the one having to pay taxes to support a whole race of leeches upon our society. You are able to walk down the street and vomit whatever ignorance that comes to your mind. If I were even to use the word "black", I am opening myself up to a hate crime or public ridicule. And I do hope you are aware that at some point, many other whites are going to wake up and realize that our forefathers are rolling over in their graves and the multicult/pc/libertard mindset being brainwashed into our youth.

  7. If you want anti-white visit :

    I swear it gets worse by the day !

    DSK goes down on an Anfrican't maid in NYC - biggest political scandal in YEARS.

    But the communists at the Times feel the need to do an equally important article on negro weaves of all things.

    It boggles the mind I tell you!

  8. Hmmm. Could that "professor" belong to the tribe whose seething hatred of Europeans is legendary?

  9. I love being White! Let animals try to rape me. We went from ropes to bullets. Your a sick individual who, is just an animal. We got slaughter houses for pigfuckers like you. Have a good day.