Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MSNBC's "The Black Agenda" Blames Whitey for Black Failures

At MSNBC, more kowtowing blackworship at the expense of whites.

It is embarrassing the degree to which Ed Schultz must ride his high-and-mighty horse of self-righteous "Anti-Racism."

He is so bothered by Trump's use of the term "The Blacks" and implicitly accuses him of racism. But do Trump's words really warrant Schultz's hair-pulling lamentations? Or is Schultz just grandstanding in order to curry favor among blacks?

Why must whites always walk on eggshells when referring to blacks, so as not to offend them with an ill-chosen word? This eggshell dance is especially difficult when blacks themselves and their jewish victim-pimps constantly change which terms are acceptable. At one time, the word "negro" was acceptable, so much so that it gave its name to the "United Negro College Fund." Then, they decided negro was offensive and demanded to be called "colored" or "people of color." Then it was "black." Then it was "African-American." Now it is "black" again.

Can we really get so riled at Trump when blacks themselves can't seem to decide what they want to be called?

And can you really get so riled-up, Schultz, when you host the show "The Black Agenda?"

Just don't put an evil letter "s" in there, Ed! "The Black's Agenda"--That would be so racist.

But of course no one puts on a show called "The White Agenda." That would be
even more racist.

Typical Anti-White Media double standard.

The show "The Black Agenda" is nothing more than a platform for blacks to blame whitey for black failures. Schultz himself gets in on the act. After his guest cites figures showing blacks underperforming in schools and universities, he cries: "...[when] you look at the statistics that Mara was just throwing out there, it looks like Black people in America are being left behind."

Of course it is whitey's fault for "leaving blacks behind." Schultz wouldn't dare point out that black students actually receive MORE funding per capita than white students:

"Nationally, per-pupil public education spending on whites is $10,816. On blacks, it is $11,387. Hispanics also get more money per capita than whites on a national level: $10,951. Asians get the most money at $11,535. In short, contrary to popular myth, white students get the short end of the stick when it comes to per capita spending across the country."

- From Dr. Jason Richwine of the Heritage Foundation.


  1. The White Agenda would be called The Nazi Agenda or The Racist Agenda. Anything pro-White is automatically repulsive.

  2. I am so fucking tired of African American'ts.

    Get it? "African American't" ...

    brought to you by crimesofthetimes.com

  3. "African Amer I Can't"

    good one

  4. Another good observation from the moderator of this site.
    I wonder how Ed Schultz would feel if his daughter married or had kids with a Negro !
    This man is such a POS, he would put on a phony act of how it didn't bother him rather than admit he's wrong.
    These race traitors are truly pathetic.

  5. Ed Schultz.

    The self-righteous creep's name says it all.

  6. Schultz is a Jewish name

  7. Get it together team White !