Friday, May 6, 2011

CNN Insists Blacks Will Protect You, Helpless Whitey

At first glance the video above might seem like a harmless public-service announcement, until you realize the info the pilot is telling you is so obvious that it is utterly useless (don't overpack for your flight, etc.)

There is obviously some intentional point being made here about the race of the pilot, because CNN would have had to do some digging to find a black one. (Blacks only make up about 2 percent of all commercial pilots.) So what's the real reason this non-story has been produced?
This image of a black pilot underscores the main "public service" and "social engineering" message being conveyed here: Attention whitey, blacks are beneficent and good and giving and powerful. Your life is in their hands. Blacks protect you, helpless whitey.

Think I am exaggerating? Making something out of nothing? Observe the torturous blackworship spin that CNN manages to promulgate around this week's now-famous "situation room" photo.

See CNN's article HERE.

To most, Obama looks like he'd rather be anywhere but there in that room. More specifically, it looks like he's itching to get back out on the links. But the message-controllers at CNN use this image to herald giddily their new utopian age where blacks are at the helm, where "a black man becomes 'protector in chief'."

Of course, we have no problem with a rehabilitated image of black males per se, especially if that image fit a rehabilitated reality (which it currently fails to do). As it now stands, however, CNN projects a fantasy world and cannot admit that by and large blacks are a serious burden on white America, its civility, its economy.

When is CNN going to admit this burden. When will CNN do THAT story?

Oh, of course they never would. CNN is Anti-White.


  1. The MSM propaganda is now so embarrassingly transparent as to generate laughter among the perceptive observer.

    May they all go bankrupt quickly as they so richly deserve.

    Thanks to neoswabian for sticking it to these anti-European swill peddlers.

  2. ....among perceptive observers (edit)

  3. I wonder if you can find the statistic that shows the percentage of CNN clips containing white commercial airlines pilots? I wonder if its about 98 percent?

    Observing your reaction to seeing a black pilot of CNN, i would imagine you have not seen one before on the network! What if you have seen 49 clips of pilots on CNN, and this was your 50th. Of the pilots you'd have seen on CNN, 2% of them would have been black, fitting neatly into the black commercial pilot distribution!

    I wonder if that statistic would show that it was random chance that the news crew stumbled upon a rare black pilot? It sure would be weird to get all bent out of shape about CNN randomly finding a black pilot to show in their filler stories.

    I agree this story is inane, and was probably relegated to their interns. I certainly do not see this as CNN insisting that "blacks protect you, helpless whitey!"

    And I don't know what you see when you look at the situation room photo, President Obama does not look listless or bored in the least bit. I can't believe you honestly said "To most, Obama looks like he'd rather be anywhere..." I would replace the "To most" with "To me, and a few other people..."

  4. Look at the horrified expression of ol' saddle-bags Hitlery Clinton! And people still say we would be better off if that broad was in office. I say "balderdash!" No woman should hold the Presidency until women get off welfare and are forced to sign up for the draft. Oh, fuck Big Media and their hatred of YT.

  5. CNN should fire Sunny Hostin and Van Jones, they are 2 of the most racist commentators in a stable of a left wing news agency. Both of their views are one sided, and always favoring the left or black, to the point of everything is seen thru the prism of color favoring blacks. If Charles Manson were black they would be saying he was unjustly convicted because he was black. Sunny throws out common sense and clear evidence to fit her narrative that any instances involving people that are white and black has to be tainted by the hand of racism and blacks should always be innocent just because they are black, no matter what the facts are. Am sure Sunny and Van could get a job with Rev. Al at MNBC. CNN did the right thing when they got rid of Peris Morgan, Sunny and Van should also be fire?