Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Allow Us To Race-Program Your Future While You Pay Your Bills

Media works on us so subliminally. Sometimes the more innocuous images are more harmful because like a stealth aircraft they fly under our radar, our Anti-White Media early warning system, and before we know it miscegenation-bombs are being lobbed into our psyche.

You'd think I would be able to do something simple like pay my student loans online without being preached to about the inevitability that my daughter will one day bring home an Afro-Hispanic guy, and that I should be ok with that because he will be a smiling Afro-Hispanic guy and be able to help my daughter with her bills.


  1. "Where are all the white males at?" is how I refer to this style marketing. Target stores are in predominantly white areas do this sort of display advertising regularly.

  2. A single tiny advertisement with an ethnic person does not show an "anti-white bias." Perhaps if you did some real work and found some statistics showing that most men in these types of advertisements were not white, you might be on to something, but I doubt it.

    My point is, 16% of the US is hispanic. I wonder if 16% of the people in these types of ads are hispanic? That sure would be interesting to know, and would do a lot to strengthen your argument. But even if it was not distributed similarly to our population distribution, I don't think it would matter much. Marketers have a target audience. Perhaps a lot of this bank's customers are hispanic.

    This blog is titled "anti-white media," but this is hardly a snapshot of the media. This is a simple advertisement for a medium sized bank. I'm sure the marketing department took 10 minutes to choose these photos, based primarily on their customer base, and some other factors. I'm not in marketing, so I don't know.

    You draw an outrageous conclusion from a set of two pictures.

  3. This type of advertising is everywhere nowadays, I am just surprised that more people don't say anything about it. They always need a token negro for the sake of political correctness. I for one, am sick of political correctness running rampant on our society.

  4. Those who laugh last laugh longest...

    This is not over yet white people! Stand strong against racism. You are not the racists...they are!