Saturday, June 25, 2011

T-Mobile's Africanized London: Selling Mindless, Butt-Shaking Sameness

[Due to copyright issues, today's video could not be embedded. To view the video for this article, click here.]

There is something more insidious going on in this ad than merely the context of a multicultural crowd.

There is a narrative unfolding illustrative the role of the pivotal and positive role blacks play in white London society. Thus this is biased, politicised opinionizing.

What is made to look like a random, real, unscripted event here is anything but. It is meticulously planned and professionally performed and edited to send all the right signals and come to all the right conclusions. The conclusion: whites will accept their genocide because it's Fun.

At first, the dance disturbance is not enough to really elicit notice amid the usual hubbub at Liverpool Street Station. The dancers are few; they are mostly white; they keep to themselves.

But gradually the dancing spreads; it takes over the station, becoming ever more Africanized, until nearly every frame contains prominently placed blacks showing whitey how to e'spress demselves (see 1:26, 1:33, 1:42). The money shot is at 2:07, where half the frame is made up of euphoric blond women, the other half of imposing, dancing black men. No accident there.

Cut to hallelujah chorus moment of the entire crowd. Now white Brits, instead of just going to work, can shake their butts in unison just like African tribes do; they can do the Watusi just like the tribe they never were, but can thankfully now become.

Boycott: T-Mobile.

[Again: hat tip to an anonymous contributor]


  1. Do you think you're actually reaching anyone with this flop blog? All the companies you propose to boycott are still booming with business. You're mad.

  2. Do you think your attempts to demoralize us for wanting to exist as a people are actually working?

  3. You have the right to exist. But the issue here is, you don't have the right or business to tell anyone else that. If I'm White and I want to get impregnated by a big Black man, then I can do that.

  4. Hello anti-white media : obviously you're getting some trolls here.

    Btw this vid is no longer available.



  5. Oh it looks like it's just the same troll who obsesses over White women chasing negros.

  6. "If I'm White and I want to get impregnated by a big Black man, then I can do that."

    You go do that. Though I assume you're male so that'll be kinda difficult.

    This blog is cool. You're the one that has a problem, it seems, spending so mych time on a blog you don't like. Why don't you go somewhere else then?

  7. Thanks Artur. I changed the video. Should work now and not infringe on copyrights, etc.

  8. video down. to the mudshark, yeah, you can get preggers by a darkie, but ask yourself this question: "If the black man can't stand black women, does he really like being black?" NO. "If blacks really don't like being black, (demonstrated by their predilection for interracial mating with white women), then why would you assume that your half-jig bastard would like to be black?

  9. That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Black men don't have sex white women because they don't like being Black. Black women may have insecurity issues with their hair and nonsense like that, but I've never met a Black man who was unhappy with being Black. Black men are associated with being "tough, hard, suave, masculine, tall dark and handsome". Who wouldn't want to be viewed as that by women? Black men fuck white girls because they're EASY. Has that not been clear?

  10. "Black men fuck white girls because they're EASY."

    What's the AIDS rate among black women again?

  11. "All the companies you propose to boycott are still booming with business. You're mad."

    Most boycotts involve companies that are booming with business. How often do you hear of people boycotting a company that is going out of business?