Friday, June 24, 2011

John Lewis: Archetypical White Female's Life Made Meaningful By Accepting Black Genes

John Lewis knew Britain's genocied and genociding zombies would love this ad. We at AWM don't.

Here we have the normal life of a white woman. An Archetype. As the commenter who submitted this ad notes, these vignettes representing the woman's passing life reveal token smiling blacks, as if their presence somehow makes her life more worthwhile, more "vibrant."

Note the panning camera between :22 and :25 reveals a black boy surrounded by faces of white girls. His face comes into view as the prominent central focus, right behind the face of our archetypical white girl. His presence under and behind her face suggests and foreshadows the impending miscegenation that will haunt her her whole life, but which she will eventually accept, and for this she'll be taken up into heaven, amen.

The woman's life passes normally. Her home is unassuming, typical, archetypical. Her family is normal, suburban, white. Her John Lewis attire wraps her in the flag of normality, unthinking blending-into-invisibility. Her John Lewis attire means she will not offend, or even make the slightest unscripted peep. She'll blend. She'll blend. She'll blend.

And blend she does. Right after fighting with her white family at :59, she turns to go outside. A flash of brilliant white. She steps out into a new day with her new family, her multi-racial family. Her daughter has paired up with a black guy and she is ok with it. She offers him iced tea, nourishingly, acceptingly (1:08). Now her life will not have been meaningless.

She can face death, strolling off into the sunset with her blond grandson and kinky-haired mixed-race granddaughter running up ahead (1:25).

This ad is geared to appeal to the millions of middle aged white women in Angloshphere who have been raised to think (and so think) that their morality hinges on their opinions of blacks, and, if they could only accept blacks into their lives, under their roofs (as here), or into their wombs, they will be saved.

Boycott: John Lewis.


  1. White women like this take themselves and the little hells they call their lives far too seriously. No one cares about their feelings of moral superiority. Once a woman is no longer between 18-28, and unless they are our own mothers, they can just shut it. They're wallpaper.

  2. Neoswabian,

    Found a classic anti-white commercial, this time by Geico:

  3. This is the most ridiculous accusation I have seen on this site yet. The admin of this site needs to check himself into the nearest looney bin for a serious case of paranoia. The fool literally sat here and wrote fictional novel for this video.There are some commericials where you can be a wise-ass and pull out an a conspiracy, but there is absolutely NOTHING in this commercial that you can even begin to start with.

    They have one little negro boy off to the side when she's blowing out her candles as a child and you're implying that there's a subliminal message for race-mixing? So, Blacks simply being present in the media implies miscegenation with white women? You have a SERIOUS insecurity issue you need to get right with yourself, sir. I don't know if you lost your girlfriend or daughter to a Black guy or whatever it is, but it's quite laughable and sad at the same time.

    There are plenty of white mothers who are perfectly comfortable with their daughters marrying a Black man. If not, who cares? It's not your business or anyone elses who a woman chooses to open her legs to.

    Nobody will be boycotting John Lewis except for you select few lifeless hicks. These companies you hate so much are still booming with business and you can't do shit about it.

    Thank you.

  4. I just found your site, and I wanted to say that you are doing an amazing job. The way that whites have been beaten down, discriminated against and reviled by the media has been driving me crazy.

    I am as far from a trailer dwelling, member of the kkk as you can get, but I will have pride in my race, and I will not accept the destruction of it.

  5. "There are plenty of white mothers who are perfectly comfortable with their daughters marrying a Black man. If not, who cares? It's not your business or anyone elses who a woman chooses to open her legs to."

    Yes it's our business because those people are destroying the cohesion of our community. If white people like other races, I suggest they go in those foreign countries instead of allowing them here. You got my point?

  6. Yes, I can realize this propaganda , the white woman serving the black man signifying her new place in modern society. The scene with the black kid surrounded by white girls is very demeaning. In my opinion the scene signifies the white womens future of having group sex with black men.

  7. "trailer dwelling, member of the kkk as you can get"

    what you describe is only some sort of caricature

  8. I kept reading your posts, because, for some reason, I thought 'Anti-white' was ironic. It's fascinating how meaningless your analysis is once one realizes that you are just the good old standard Jim Crow wannabe.

  9. You know, it's a neat commercial (or maybe I'm biased toward the song), but the ending did feel forced. The token black at the party is more understandable because, come on, the country is 13 or so percent black; one in ten children being black in that scene is not unusual. Considering that not many people marry outside their race (like 2% - not nearly as much as the the media portrays it) the ending is too jarring. Why must they constantly pump this propaganda into our heads? If people/cultures/races want to mix, it sure as hell better happen at a natural pace. But portraying the real proportions of races and their relationships would seem too monochromatic for our diversity-trained minds.