Monday, June 6, 2011

More White Emasculation: Sucking Off The Black Man

The people who made this commercial actually expect you white sheep to buy this "cheese" product. Don't give them that pleasure: they're doing nothing but producing a weapon in your genocide.

Here again we have a failed attempt at subtlety, at the subliminal pairing of a white woman and a black man. The very first frame of this commercial shows an entirely scripted, deliberate casting of an attractive, busty blond woman in the background and a black guy in the foreground. This is to get the viewers attention, evoking eroticism and danger. Such miscegenation-suggestion in what would seem to be randomly placed extras (such as here) is a common, under-the-radar weapon in the Anti-White Media arsenal.

But soon this commercial becomes a much, much more blatant example of Anti-White Media. The white guy that comes in on the right is pathetic in that he begs the black man for his scraps of leftover food. The black guy, cool and satisfied, denies him casually.

It is at this point that the white man (:11) rather disturbingly starts sucking off the finger of the black guy. The manner of his sucking simultaneously infantilizes him and emasculates him, as he becomes both a helpless nursing baby and a fellatio artist before our very eyes. Then we laugh at the white man's expense. He's so pathetic.

Of course the emasculated, dorky white men that appear in the next frame lack the hot blond in the background of their frame. When left to their own devices, white men (just like in yesterday's featured ad) devolve into something utterly unmanly, in this case into babies who need their soiled diapers changed (:23) and into homo-eroticized fecalphiliacs (:25).

PLEASE boycot the triangular yellow death that is Doritos.


  1. P.S. Note too how the black onlooker in the background on the right at :25-:26 shakes his head from side to side at the antics of the idiot whites. Shiiit. Dem white boys is crazy.

    This totally intentionally situates the black man as in a position of detached judegment (the new man-god indeed!) before which whites can only grovel.

  2. wtf. the person who came up the idea needs a steel toecap violent booted into their tailbone

  3. There was another Doritos commercial that didn't make the Super Bowl cut which showed a negro and white man in a steam room.

    It was cut off at the waist and it appeared the white man was was enjoying jerking off the negro when in fact he was just reaching for a Dorito.

    Boycott Doritos and Frito Lay!

  4. One more product that i will not buy because of this stupid commercial .

  5. The commercial would have been more realistic if it were shot in a prison. I could see that squishy ass, cracker ass cracker being turned out by a gang of black donkey dick.

  6. the profanity is too intense to describe fully
    amazingly, the masses can see this and act as if its normal

  7. I was wondering when you were going to post this disgusting advertisement, which is vile on more levels than I can count. The white guys that take money to appear in these ad campaigns are pathetic race traitors!

    Does this dweeb actor think sucking a black man's finger is the gatway to leading roles with a $20 Million dollar salary? Qr was he willing to bring eternal shame upon his family just to make rent?

  8. looks like that white boy is enjoying sucking the black man. must be a good actor. he probably would've sucked anything for a dollar.

  9. Disgusting. And people wonder why I am so virulently anti-Hollywood! It's funny though, I am a white woman and NONE of this relentless, non-freaking-stop propaganda can make me find a non-white man attractive. I'd like you to do some on the white man with Asian woman commercials though, like the Progressive one. Is it just me or are they pushing THAT particular race mixing as well? It sure seems to be working though, as I see so many white men with Asian women. It's just as damaging and repulsive as seeing a white woman with a leering, grinning gorilla. Lol blacks look like gorillas and Asians look like monkeys, what is up with that? Miscgenation = bestiality!

  10. These "commercials" are so obvious. What about those moronic white guys in that one hotel spot who were blowing through straws into some black guys bathtub? Truly sickening. Where has our viking DNA gone?