Sunday, October 17, 2010

Western Cities' New Religion: Worshipping GSBFs (Gigantic Smiling Black Faces)

When archaeologists wake our dry bones in 9000 years, they'll know what many of us don't, that we - even inadvertently - worship Gigantic Smiling Black Faces.

Yes, GSBFs are now in all our major cities, both in Europe and North America, on even the most innocent and suburban thoroughfare, replacing our old kings and statesmen and gods and heroes. (The ads featured in this post are from Finland, the US, and Germany!)

They tell us what to buy, these faces. They tell us how to feel and what to think. Their smiles are an impanated host of the new religion, force-fed through the eye of even the most stalwart agnostic with quotidian regularity. Suck it down, bottom dweller.

You there, walking past, minding your own business, taking your dog for a walk: Grovel before the mighty GSBF!

In China, and in the East in general, they plaster their great leaders on walls. It is now no different in the silly-vilized West. We now have the Big Other before whom we must remain ever humble, pliable, and obedient.


  1. Its about time we are tired of Gigantic White Faces, then it will be Asian faces and so on, wait your turn again , ok.

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  3. If I had it my way, we wouldn't have ANY Gigantic Faces. But if they must be there, when in white communities I mind Gigantic White ones much less, because a) I don't hate my race and b) because with them I don't get the sense that someone is trying to preach tolerance to me 24/7.

  4. Only niggers say "24/7"!