Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blacks Have Honor, Whites Have Pimples

Sometimes I think the more subtle examples of anti-white media are the most insidious.

They are so understated that they often slip past your bullshit filter, and slide ever more sleuthfully into your subconscious.

Consider this video as an example of such subtlety. If you blink, you miss it. The key role is the video's main "white" foil/antagonist, who appears at :35.

His position in the video and his whiteness is hardly an accident. Contrast him in your mind to the video's two black heroes, the honest player and the honest coach.

Already at the :04 second mark this video establishes a blacks vs. whites motif, when the black kid dribbles past the whitey and dunks on his sorry a**.

But then we see how selfless the black hero can be. With his puppy expression, he selflessly pleads to his coach to correct a ref's bad call, though he knows the correction will go against his team and disappoint his teammates.

And now comes the white kid at :35. The casting criteria was settled by the producers, who needed a morally bankrupt, physically ugly, sneering white kid.

Indeed. This video is not really about "How to Be a Good Sportsman" after all. No. That's just its stealth crypto-cloak. Its real agenda is to spread New World Order propaganda: Degrade the white. Always humiliate him. Uplift and praise the black. Even on stupid sportsmanship commercials. This is the new divine media law, ne'er to be gainsaid.


  1. You're kind of paranoid.

  2. Exactly. There were two black guys complaining about the hero's sportsmanship as well, but you only see what you want to see.

  3. Yeah, the black kids were complaining. I saw that. But there was the black hero there to redeem their group. Where was the redeeming white character? There was none.

    I admit, if this was the only example of anti-white media, it wouldn't be a very compelling case. But it is example of SUBTLE anti-white media that, when considered with the other more blatant examples on this site, just shows the trend takes many forms, both blatant and subtle.

    Now read the subheading of this site again. Subtle and Blatant. I rest my case.

  4. So what do you say about the numerous media examples in which there are white heroes but no black heroes? Would you consider those as examples of how the media is anti-black? If so, then why not post these examples also? By posting only the OCCASIONS when there are no white heroes and then calling it a TREND is plain dishonest.

  5. Dear Anon:

    If you see lots of examples in commercials, films, television, and print media of weak, morally bankrupt, ugly, and dorky blacks juxtaposed with beautiful, strong, powerful, talented whites...then you should simply make your own website about that. Consider it a challenge.

  6. I don't need to, because the issue doesn't bother me like it bothers you. This goes back to what the other guy said: you're paranoid.

    Off the top of my head, there are two black guys in the Twilight movies: one nearly hit Kristen Stewart with his car by accident, the other tried to kill Kristen Stewart only to have his head torn off by wolves. Meanwhile the Cullens are beautiful, strong, powerful, talented whites. That hardly stops black girls from being Twilight fans, though, let alone complain that Twilight is anti-black.

  7. You don't because "the issue" obviously isn't the same issue from our different perspectives.

    From my perspective, your example is totally trivial and unrelated to the onslaught that is documented on this site.

    Off the top of MY head: Watch the two vids I posted yesterday and then get back to me about whether I should ignore the targeted insults and just keep buying Pepsi and watching Hollyweird "films."

  8. "your example is totally trivial"

    Somehow I get the feeling that Twilight is a bigger pop-culture phenomenon than a Pepsi commercial. More generally, there are so many white heroes in movies compared to other races that they more than compensate for the occasional white dork in commercials.

    I'm not a fan of sodas in the first place, but if I had to choose between Pepsi and Coke, I'd choose Pepsi, because I get my boycott info from here:

  9. "Anonymous said...You're kind of paranoid."

    You're kind of shallow.

    "Anonymous said...So what do you say about the numerous media examples in which there are white heroes but no black heroes?"

    Examples please.

    Non-whites, where shown in an unflattering light, are shown as indivduals, outliers, that one bad apple. Whites, when portrayed neagtively are clearly inherently bad, its just natural.

  10. What on earth are you talking about? LOL. I used to find your site accurate, but now you're sounding like a paranoid person who's on the brink of going mad. Did you honestly dig THAT deep and pull that nonsense out of this commercial?


  11. Polkarooooooooooooooooooooo!

  12. Sure there's an anti White message in this. Notice how when the guy tells how he touched the ball. His black team mates only put up a little complaint. ' Come on Alex '
    But they have a White kid say ' It's the championship game. '
    The message.... When push comes to shove, Whitey has no integrity and will lie and cheat in order to win.
    Go back to Africa n*****s .

  13. "His black team mates only put up a little complaint. ' Come on Alex '"

    Actually the line was "Come on Alex, the ref did not call it." The implication is that it's OK to cheat as long as you don't get caught. And this is coming from the black guy. This is at least as bad as the white guy's line.

    "When push comes to shove, Whitey has no integrity and will lie and cheat in order to win."

    Yeah, like you just did by omitting half the black guy's line, you liar.

  14. I'm not a liar. You asshole moron. My memory just isn't that great.
    The black team mates objections weren't as strong as the White guys. It was still the White guy that posed the objection because it was the 'Championship game.' Not just a bad call from the ref.
    It was the White guy here that committed the greater 'sin ' and showed the most lack of character.
    But you must be a dishonest non White that will falsely accuse a White man of being a liar. To misconstrue the truth to ( LIE ) to try and get your way and push your bogus agenda.
    So tell me. What Country are you from ?

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  16. "My memory just isn't that great."

    Memory my ass. The video is right above you.

  17. Look how when you can't defend your positions, you resort to insults. Ha
    Okay I can play that.
    No my sister didn't suck my dick last night. But yours did. And your mama too !

    To the second person. Yeah dipshit I just went by memory. This is a blog. Not a court of law. And my point was still correct.

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  19. Maybe you should watch what you say about me and my sister.

  20. Thank you for helping point out the media's anti-white agenda.