Saturday, October 16, 2010

OLD SPICE meme of Blackworship Infects the Nation's Whitest College (BYU)

This ad is based on an Old Spice commercial that Antiwhitemedia featured back on February 22, just to show that these memes are circulating, like, virally. (Because you know viruses are good and cool and not at all harmful things, right?)

Same old story here, except it only ads to the tragic pathos that EVEN at one of the whitest schools in the United States, the object of desire and admiration (He gets an A+!!!) is still that smooth, aggressive charmer, the black or 3/4ths-blackish cool blackity black.

What's wrong with depicting cool successful A+ blacks? Well, maybe part of it is the condescending tone he adopts. He can't just pursue excellence, no, he has to rub it in yo face in typical black braggadocio and step on the servile whitey who must now worship him and SERVE him slavishly.

@ the 43 second mark. Heeeahhhh sled DAWG. Push me through the lie-berry, slave, while I eats me dis sammich!

Boycott: BYU


  1. Glad to see you back online!


    Great Blog !

  3. LDS Church Leadership are falling in line in order not to lose their place in the coming Joo World Order.

    The downtrodden white man pushing around the arrogant successful black really tells you all you need to know about the Jewish planners have in store for us if they get their way.

    Don't let them.