Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beta Whites

This has been making the rounds. The claim is that it depicts something completely unrealistic, with beta white kids not being able to figure out how to open milk cartons. The sentimentalism is certainly there, though, depicting multikwulturalism as a beautiful thing. And certainly the youngish dweeb advert directors got that warm tingly feeling while piling together this mound of dung. Either way, multiracial schools are proven to be unsafe for and to have negative effects on childrens' performance.


  1. you got a way to submit entries? here's one:

    I wonder who selected the pictures for this one.

  2. What commercial IS'NT anti White anymore ?
    Maybe that should be the question. It would be easier to keep track of those.

  3. It was stupid white men. Now it's stupid white children.

  4. Seems harmless. But it's not !!!!!
    Poor little ,weakling, new White kid and then they have the older black kid in the big brother role.
    What kind of message, does this teach little kids watching it ?
    How about the Allstate commercial, where the agent is a black male and the poor policy holder that's soaked and looks like a ugly crack whore.
    And he's put into the ' hero ' role.
    Most commercials are anti White. They are indoctrinating the next generation.
    Now I know what Hitler was saying.

  5. This is absolutely disgusting. This is the only thing I watch with any regularity anymore:

    I know I won't be seeing any coloreds, or be exposed to any of this disgusting propacoonda. If I had kids, I wouldn't even own a TV set.