Monday, September 28, 2009

To Start Off...

Look at this image. This is from the new TV show on ABC called "Modern Family." I first noticed these rather innocuous advertisements while riding the subway. On the left is a rather normative-looking White man with his Mestizo wife and fat, unappealing Mestizo child. In the middle is a White woman with a mystery meat, non-Northern European man that could even be Lebanese, and his rather non-traditional looking children. On the right are two White, doofy looking homosexuals, obviously incompetent in their ability to rear an infant. 

So what, brothers and sisters, is the message here, for those who haven't seen the show?

1) Normal strong, White men should be marrying Mestizos, or it is perfectly acceptable for strapping, light-eyed elderly gentlemen of the American White strain to be raising non-White children.

It should also be noted that this man is also the patriarch of the entire family. His miscegenation is very representative.

2) Normal White women shouldn't care who they marry. The fact that this "White" guy in the middle is more of a mystery meat is very, very subtle. I'll let the geneticists and eugenicists of the White Nationalist movement to debate me on this one. The girl on the right is akin to the Beyoncé or other quasi-"White" mold found commonly in today's American media. The children are also darker haired. We must also note that the vast, vast majority of children born today in the world are dark haired.

3) Very phenotypical White men, the red-headed one being the son of the very masculine White male in the initial image, are flabby effeminate homosexuals and terrible fathers, having adopted, get this, an Asian baby.

Come the hell on, ABC. Live and learn, people. Consider this your reeducation.


  1. So according to you, families with all brunettes are considered anti-White.

    Piss off. You're an embrassment to White Nationalism. Each word you type makes things worse for the rest of us.

  2. Yeah, that is sheer ignorance. I know many, many White people of purely European descent who have brown hair, myself included. My skin is quite fair, however... as fair as, or fairer, than some people I know who are natural blondes. What do you make of that? So Italians (etc) aren't White now either?

    Stupid arguments like this discredit and ruin any attempts at legitimizing White Nationalism to a broad audience. The advertisements and propaganda you bring up are of real concern, but please use better judgement.

  3. Also, that woman DYES her hair, as do MOST White women you see walking around with blonde hair. She was blonde as a child, no doubt, but now her hair is undoubtedly a light brown.

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  5. Hey dude, can you please re-upload those images? I can't see them.

  6. First off that old white man is not strong, strapping or whatever you said about him, he is the fattest one beside the fat gay man also ugly, balding and clumsy-looking. Sofia Vergara is predominantly caucasian (her real hair is blonde) and dyes it dark to presumably fool people like you into believing she is "mestiza" which she doesnt even remotely resemble. Her phenotype is predominantly the atlanto-medditerranean + some germanic. If she was mestiza she would never in hell be an actress, much less in the US (even latin american media prefers white people). The other man even if lebanese is still white (middle easterners are considered white even in the US census), so your theories are very much unsubstantiated. I am the grandson of a nazi and even I dont care about race, this is all outdated. I get racial preservation, but this carries very little weight outside of rural America, just my $.02