Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If This Doesn't Get Your Blood Boiling, You're Either Just Too Indoctrinated or You're Not White

Oh wait, oh wait. I'm going to try to be civil with this one. I'm not partial to Orientals or anything akin to the like, but I think it would be only fair, since we see here, in this preposterous manifestation of Jewish fantasy, a Black "American" being serviced by both a White man and an Easterner that are shown both on their knees and engaging in a quasi-homosexual and equally disgusting practice of putting their mouths in contact with the black's filthy bath water, evoking such intense feelings of repulsion for both this entartete anti-hygenic act and the subtle faggotry of it, that I remind the Whites that may subconsciously absorb this into their half-paralyzed brains and the Negros that have their egos inflated for no reason other than the fact that some kike has a hard-on for seeing Whites subservient to the world's most backwards people, that European peoples can be summed up as such:

White Civilization:

Asian Civilization:

African "Civilization":

I found the last one by simply typing "African Civilization" into Google images.

It's a painting on a fence.

And child-like scrawled pictures of pseudo-history, because as we all know, the Egyptians were black, right? Right?

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  1. I remember seeing this commercial thinking I wanna puke. Yep, the Hebes love seeing da white man bowing down and kissing the ass of the Congoid. As if this Congoid could actually afford this room. Probably a government employee.