Monday, September 28, 2009

And, Here We Go

The point of this blog is pretty straight forward.

If I see anything, anything, that could be considered a weapon in this sixty-year war on White unity and White ethnic purity, I will post it. I ask my readers to submit similar material.

Links, videos, advertisements, news articles, commercials, movies, films, posters, personal photographs, anything, you name it. It will show up here. Send 'em to me, and I'll put it up if it's egregious enough.

This is a war, people. We have to fight the bad people that want us gone.


  1. So apparantely, a family with all brunettes is anti-white?

    Piss off. You're an embrassment to White Nationalism. Consider stepping away from your computer, becuase with every word you type, you make things for the rest of us.