Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Learning the Signs, Part I

Perhaps I'm just being very paranoid, but for the purpose of the initial stages of this website, I'm going to point out how a combination of different images can contribute to impounding specific ideas into the head of the unwary viewer. This may or may not be cooperatively intentional on behalf of the individual producers of the individual pieces of media that appear in tandem to assault the reader, but may in fact be unwitting. However, the presentation of a multicultural array of images created by many people that most likely do not have pro-White agendas, can engender a subtle but very powerful effect.

Here is your average page from CNN, arguably a liberal news network that makes no ends to hide stories that may be detrimental to multicultural propagandizing. However, this array was likely unintended, though I'm willing to accept arguments to the otherwise. On the left one sees a White male purchasing fast food from another White male.

Any visitor to a large number of fast food restaurants in urban areas in the majority of this country is aware that the most frequent customers to these establishments are non-Whites, oftentimes obese. However, on the right side of the page, we see three images, two of which feature very muscular and fit Black men, juxtaposed next to a dozing and undefined White or Whitish male. The words "snoring" and "death" are associated with the White male, whereas "muscle" and "development" are assigned to the Black male.

Very sneaky, indeed.

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  1. Yeah and with what appears to be some kind of anti snoring device which looks like a pair of ladies underwear as well...Lets not forget all white men are perverted sexual deviants.