Sunday, January 6, 2013

Put Down Dem Guns And Gibs Us Yo Stuff

Oh look at those poor, disadvantaged, oppressed minorities! Poor them. They're suffering. Their poor schools are so riddled with violence and it's all our fault because we haven't yet voted away our rights to own guns. But look at how soulful and real these brown faces are, how vibrant, how "street." We can learn so much from them - we square, suburban, privileged, whites. If only we had left these noble, perfect, flawless, dark tribes alone instead of decimating them with our guns and our drugs and our germs and our gods! We owe it to them to give them California! We owe it to them to cleanse the violence and the gang warfare from the schools we built for them. We owe it to them to end our evil, white, gun-loving ways and vote for our own disarmament, for their benefit. Because, hey, once these kids are edjumakated, they're our future! And what a great future it looks to be, filled with these soulful kids who know how to keep it real, yknowhatmsayin'? Maybe some day they can rap for me their cool flows as they push my wheelchair down the halls of the sad nursing facility in which my white corpse will surely rot. I had better do right by these kids. They are, after all, you'll remember, our future. My future.

WHAT MOST NORMAL WHITE PEOPLE THINK: This is the fate of California. My race is so clearly getting genocided there. The last thing I would want to do, especially after viewing this, is give up my guns, because the moment I do half the teens in this video are going to be jumping over the fence into my backyard and trying to get their hands on my stuff.

Funny: I don't remember needing to ban guns back when California was more white. Maybe there is a correlation between how many brown faces I am seeing here and how violent the schools of California have become. Inevitably the browning of society necessitates a big nanny state and the denial of freedoms once thought sacrosanct, like gun ownership.

Why isn't there a white girl in this video? Usually most commercials bend over backwards to layer white girls between lots of darker men. She could even have her arms draped around her Nigerian boyfriend as she implores me, through the screen, to see the light and change my political views. No? 

I guess the producers of this ad knew that showing white females in this instance would elicit the wrong response, an inconvenient response. After showing so many aggressive browns, showing white girls would only remind the viewer of a good reason to keep their guns: to protect the latter from the former.


  1. I agree, disarming White folk is just part of the on-going programme of genocide of White people. The Anti-Whites know exactly what they're doing. They're doing it deliberately and simply "because they can". They want White people scared, disempowered and unable to defend themselves or their families.

    The only positive thing is that such anti-constitutional actions will only accelerate the growth of the secession movement.

  2. Neoswabian, you're back. Its about fucking time man!

  3. Take a look at the Cloud Atlas movie too... Openly anti-white

  4. Good to see you back in action...

    "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more"

    Boycott Boots (uk chain pharmacy)

    Boots commercials (Christmas 2012)
    (white woman held hostage)

    "Let's feel good"


  5. Is awm back for good and for regular updates i hope so theres so much mayetial about.Take the new film gangster squad about the cops who investigated gangster mickey cohen.Ive read the book seen the photo of the team they were all white so how come in the movie one of the squad is black when there was no black cop in the book or in reality.

  6. my god,that commercial is full of the ugliest cretins ever rolled out for one of these kinds of things.i applaud the truth in advertizing as i reject the message and its' anti-white agenda.

  7. Here is my plan... I am keeping my guns. If any person has issue with that, fuck him or her! The 2nd Amendment is not open to an opinion poll vote!

    I am shocked that most of this PSA junk was spoken in English. WTF does healthcare (illegals getting it free no doubt) have to do with the fact CA schools are shit holes where the kids don't learn but can get indoctrinated? Way to conflate the issues of day into the collectivist anti white loop...

    Welfare breeders trash their own 'hoods' and then demand they the self made issues and problems get fixed by taking guns from law abiding and tax paying citizens? Oh hell no!

    I think this DEMAND A PLAN video the best... Nice PSA!

  8. I'm not one for conspiracy theories unless you count the one where Zionists are trying to destroy the White Race but here... was there more to Sandy Hook than the awful tragedy.

    I don't know for sure but I don't trust globalism. I think it is capable of atrocity.
    Keep an open mind

  9. I dont know how to submit videos, so I will just leave this here

  10. Speaking of the WF/BM agenda, I came across one of the most blatantly sick TV commercials I have ever seen.

    In this Fiat commercial we have three soon-to-be fathers playfully preparing for the birth of their children. Finally, their pregnant wives show up...

    There is a mind with a purpose behind this. Both are evil.

  11. 2013 Volkwagen Passat Baseball Toss Commercial

    "With his butt sticking out, both legs jumping in the air and switching positions at the same time and a shot put-like throw the dad becomes the comic relief for the commercial."

    "What is this baseball VW commercial really about?

    This is when we find out the point behind the commercial, "The durability of the Volkswagen Passat." VW is trying to imply that the 2013 Passat will be durable and will still be a good car by the time this child has grown up. The comic line, "Pass down something he WILL be grateful for," just cements this idea in a funny, memorable way.

    The stat that flashes across the screen at the end of the commercial is:

    Volkswagen has the most vehicles on the road that have over 100,000 miles.

  12. Dude where the FUCK have you been?

    Everybody's been axing me "Where's AWM Where's AWM how come that ass hole aint posting? How come AntiWhiteMedia is Not POSTING ???!!!!!"

    Glad to have you back bro.


    - Arturo

  13. Great job man. You are spot on with this blog. Of course you'll just be labeled as a crazy, incredibly unhip, stupid racist white man who is overly-paranoid and delusional. Meanwhile every white woman you've ever known is probably screwing a black dude, because they have been absolutely brain-washed every day of their lives to see them as superior in almost every imaginable way. It's getting more and more blatant in the media and marketing every day. Most white people are too gutless to care, they've all been brainwashed too, just shut up and feel guilty for the oppresion you've levied, white devils!

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  15. 22 seconds and im all set.. on a lighter note, whats up with our NUBIAN GANG-STAHZZ ? They have the lil black boys all talkin bout "no guns in the hood" SAY WUH ??? thats as american as apple pie.... Even the rappers these days are lame.... They talk about doin each others girl instead of talkin about CLAP CLAP CLAP BANG BANG MAW-FUGGUH yea. . . . But Jamal is now a BLACK "CONNER" ? sup with that? that aint hood... Sounds kinda white

    Even the blacks are becoming pussified by feminism.. IF MAH YO'S FROM DA HOOD REAL, DEN DAY POP OFF ON SOME SHIT... Like buckin a young brothuh !!! SUP !! Then gettin dat money player... GIT GIT GIT... Real talk