Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blacks And Whites Unite In Spreading Neocon Global Hegemony In Jeeps

Here is a Superbowl ad by Jeep that was seen by millions. Seems pretty innocent, pretty feel-good, right? How could one have a problem with these teary-eyed sentiments?

But the over-the-top emotional appeal here makes it one of the most effective and insidious Anti-White ads we have seen. 

For what do we take away from an ad like this? We get the fact that families love their family members. We get it. Pretty indisputable. But this natural, instinctive desire to protect loved ones here gets used as a weapon against--against what?--against our natural, instinctive desire to protect loved ones!

For the overuse of mixed racial imagery here implies that we need to feel protective feelings for not just members of our own family and our own race, but for all races who march under the Stars and Stripes. We are, after all, according to Jeep, UNITED! And precisely how are we united? We are united not by blood, but by virtue of our falling within the arbitrary and artificial borders of a political entity that is caught up in a media-driven expansionist agenda in the Middle East! That is what unites us gawd-damn it!

Does anyone else out there gag at the cynical opportunism of this corporation trying to play our emotions like a fiddle? Does anyone out there cringe at the Oprah voice trying to get our nads all juiced up with weepy "feel!" imperatives?

And of course the black woman gets the hero close up at the end. It captures the whole of the new religion's morality play: put aside your reservations, whitey. Don't fight it. As long as you are worshiping black faces, you can call yourself morally superior and then, without a guilty conscience, be shipped off to faraway North Africa and the Middle East and kill some poor sods for your Neocon and Neo-Liberal globalist overlords. 

Boycott: Jeep


  1. We MUST end this Negrophilia and go back to segregation before we are totally transformed into a nation of sub-human half-monkeys.

    1. You White nigguz are reaching on this one. This is not an ANTI-WHITE MAN add. Yeah it's mushy emotionalism, but not anti-white. Negrophilia? Back to segregation? Sub-human half monkeys? You fools aren't pro-White. You're Nazis!

    2. Or maybe it is just too subtle for you to understand

      "...as America becomes an increasingly multicultural society, it may find it more difficult to fashion a consensus on foreign policy issues, except in the circumstances of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat." --Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives (1997, page 211).

    3. You have to remember, 99% of negroid males wants a human white/asian or white latino as partners. Negroid males hate their own nigress females all across the Americas - North, South, East and West. The Negro goal: to make everyone half-breed mulattos chimpanzees. For more news follow chimpout.com

    4. This add is typical of the corporate world order more interested in profit and stability than racial purity and is why globalization must be destroyed

    5. The military of today is the biggest purveyor of the myth of racial equality BTW

  2. Nothing is sacred to the Globalists (read: Zionists) even soldiers are used as mass marketing tools, fine so be it.

    When will we, white people, wake up. Who is sticking a clearly different entity with us and saying we are the same. If I took everyone from Portland (mostly white I hear) and transplanted you to say China and told you you are all the same as the native population would the answer be "yeah you're right".

    Stop fighting false flag wars for Israel and swallowing their lies about America, Cultural Marxism (we are all equal crap) and the Middle East where Israel, not Iran, is the single biggest terrorist and only rogue nuclear state in the region.

    Duke's latest video

    Don't let them tell you, that you are the same as blacks. Only to be destroyed by the lie. Your (Zionist run) media hides the true extent of Black on White crime from you!

    Unamusementpark's intelligence flyer

    Unamusementpark's criminality flyer

    Unamusementpark's miscegenation and dating flyer

    America is being stolen from the white man.

    This site is great as even someone who has absolutely no experience with the International Jewry and Goyim miscegenation agenda can look at it and easily see some thing is very wrong with the media. Great Work!

  3. They're blatant as hell there days.

  4. Dude, you have swallowed the jew lie that jews did 9/11

    it was the muslims. The jews want you to think muslims are good guys and are being framed by mossad.

    that way you underestimate the muslim enemy.

    The jew does same thing by hiding negro crime. Anyways, study up on Islam and learn what their terrorist religion says about infidels.

    Its word for word, the same thing written in the Talmud but only worse in that the jews are too few in numbers to resort to physical attacks.

    1. ^That is a bold lie. Muslims of all types are ZOG's public enemy #1 because they are defiant. While Jewish thought police promote and celebrate your society worshiping Negroids, the military is genociding Muslims for Greater Israel.

  5. "Its word for word, the same thing written in the Talmud but only worse in that the jews are too few in numbers to resort to physical attacks."

    I agree but they don't need to, Zionist Jews attack a country slowly and from within (have a look at the links above and see how AIPAC uses your money and I'm well aware of how the muslims behave. I am not saying they are any better.

    Greetings from Europe

    We know the Muslims

    Their "culture" is unmistakable

    I have read the Koran. I think as a "person of the book" (i.e. Christian) it says I can be spared but I wouldn' count on it. Their culture is honour killings and rape of "whores" and by that they mean Western girls. I'm sure you believe me and if any don't go ask the Swedes. Since 1975 when wholesale immigration of Muslims and African refugees started their reported rapes have increased

    Sweden's rape epidemic figures

    Sweden now has the second highest number of rapes in the world, after South Africa, which at 53.2 per 100,000 is six times higher than the United States. Statistics now suggest that 1 out of every 4 Swedish women will be raped.

    It is starting to happen all over Europe, something must change.

  6. By the way the Jewish (Zionist) contingent did the same to Russia. Research the Gulags where if you didn't agree with Marxism you were sent to and killed. It was the biggest mass murder in history, tens of millions!!!! of Christians killed but no one makes any movies about that. We do however have countless movies made about the holocaust event by the Jewish/Zionist run Hollywood industry. Why not the Gulags or the Holodomor (look that one up too) and the Jewish involvement in them? Why not show the Jewish role in Colonial slavery (they had a big role). No Spielberg doesn't want to make any movies about those subjects.

    These people (Zionists) are behind every poisonous movement in White society, Marxism, Feminism, Sexual Liberalism ( Sigmund Shlomo Freud ), Mass Immigration (look up who were the main proponents of the 1965 Immigration Bill which opened America up to the third world and what ethnic group they belonged to). Here I'll start you off
    1. Senator Jacob Javits (NY)
    2. Congressman Emanuel Celler (NY)
    3. Leo Pfeffer (Former President of
    American Jewish Congress (AJC)
    4. Norman Podhoretz (Writer and Member of The Council of Foreign Relations).

    Divide and Conquer

    They destroyed Russia with economic Marxism as a tool for control, when that failed they revised the plan (Frankfurt School) and came up with cultural Marxism which encourages the miscegenation of whites with everything non-white and low and degenerate as possible (but you're not allowed to say that because Dats Rayciss), all just to suit their tribe which believes in racial purity for itself, just look at Israel's policies!

    1. It is always very heartening to see that someone else understands the whole sickening agenda. We need to keep talking.

  7. Genocide your race this Christmas from Sainsbury's
    (Jewish owned supermarket in Britain)

    Sainsbury Advertisement: Black man, Black Daughter and White DNA provider/womb real-estate "Mother" (implied)

    Sick, Sick, Sick. Apparently we are just cattle to these people, there to civilize the homo-erectus with human DNA or would they actually have us believe we are getting the better end of that deal? LoL

  8. The ad was boring, till the end and the thin young Black lady in fatigues turns her head,.........

    that was funny! like WOW, Female soldier and Black.
    are people really that stupid?

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d08zaoMMhWA&list=UUb8PqmQssuvh1Oh74TjY1Yg&index=2

  10. It's odd how the negroes all have such nice houses in well to do neighborhoods.


  11. Its funny how this add seems to imply that blacks are in some way these big war heroes, especially at the end where you have some old white ww2 vet saluting a black female solder....really?? I served in the Marine corps infantry for 4 years, and i can count on 1 hand how many blacks where in my whole company. Blacks DO NOT serve in combat Positions in the military in any capacity, blacks fill noncombat rolls such as cook, admin, and supply. If you were to look at who makes up the fighting force of are military such as Infantry, snipers, recon, you would see that these positions are almost exclusively filled by white men.

  12. I BELIEVE, that our government, and the money behind it, is merely trying to "breed them out". By them I mean the black man. They want to mix the black man with white women to get rid of all traces of the black race, hence, creating a better work force, military, PEOPLE. It's all good, they are just losing a lot of money on these generally lazy and immoral people, and are trying to find a way to make them more productive. It's nothing against white people, it's all about destroying the black man.

  13. You know I'm just not seeing it with this one. Yeah there are multiple ethnic groups featured in this commercial, but there are multiple ethnic groups in our armed forces as well. I don't think that boycotting Jeep over this is really appropriate. They probably had some deal set up with USO in order to influence military personnel to spend their checks on Jeeps, and there's a lot of blacks in the armed forces, at least it seems that way. Anyway, I didn't see how whites were being made to look inferior or inadequate in anyway, nor was miscegenation being promoted, or anything else really. This just seems a bit over the top.

  14. People should stop using the code word "neocon" and honestly say "jewish."