Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fat White Clown Acts Like Clown In Front of Wife and Black Woman

"This beat comes from the great white north. The fat ugly useless white man, thinks he's right about investing, but needs the black woman to confirm to the fatso he is, in fact, right. The stupid white man acts retarded and loud, and is so happy that the smart black has made him feel right." Note the black gentleman looking confused at the barbarian antics of the white buffoon.

Submitted by Rob.


  1. Are there any known names for the creators of these commercials?

  2. I don't know the specific answer to the question you ask, Brian, but the site below has information which is helpful in gaining the answer.

    There are several more specific posts which document the sources enabling a media which intentionally is doing this [Hint: It is NOT real Americans].


  3. I wasn't sure how to submit a video, but if you go to:

    You'll find a few anti-white commercials for a South African pizza special attention to the video of the "blonde bimbo" in pig tails it's especially egregious.

  4. Anti-white pizza commercials from Soth Africa:

  5. This is beyond stupid. White supremacists are hilariously paranoid and assume EVERYTHING in the world is some attack on them by the Jews. People make funny commericials because it stays in the consumers mind and it helps them sell more. It's not rocket science.

  6. So we would expect to see just as many ads portraying blacks as idoits being talked down to by white men.

    When was the last time you saw anything like that?

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  8. @ Anonymous June 5

    "White supremacists are hilariously paranoid and assume EVERYTHING in the world is some attack on them by the Jews."


    Jews do have an agenda, but it's not attacking white people, it's getting white racists angry and then using them to attack their real enemies. It's not hard to see that Islamophobic propaganda uses race-based imagery; white people are being trained by the media to equate Muslims with non-white people, and being taught to legitimize their racism against non-white Muslims by pretending it's about their religion. Who benefits? Israel, of course.

  9. The real enemies of the Jews have always been the heathens or non-believers. In fact to this day Jews and Jewish rabbis gloat about the genocides the Jews committed in Canaan and the Sinai peninsula. The Jews and their Zionist foreign policy have always supported the Muslims from Yugoslavia, to Cyprus, to Chechnya, to Pakistan, to Saudi Arabia to Morocco, etc. Everywhere but for Palestine, do the Jews support Islamism. There are millions of white muslim Albanians and Bosnians, many of whom who are as afraid of infidels as the Saudis.In the Islamic world, Muslims are trained to hate non-Muslims, but to hold a special sympathy for the 'People of the Book', Christians and Jews. In reality however the Muslims have worked with the Jews on numerous occasions against Christians. See the crypto-Jews in the Young turk Movement and the Jew-influened Ottoman genocide of the Armenian, Assyrian and Pontiac Christians in Anatolia. Judeo-Islamic propaganda is swallowed by gullible and ignorant Islamic Jihadists to murder all those who do not bow down to the Jewish God. The Zionist media is consistently supportive of Islam, what they're opposed to is an obscure and undefined phenomenon known as Islamic "Extremism", which is actually just Islam. Anyhow, the Jews supported the White Kosovar Muslims stealing Serb lands and demolishing churches in Kosovo during the 90s. The Jews would like to have Israel, but do not necessarily need it. The Jews were at the top of the world during the wars between Christendom and the Caliphate in which the Jews monopolized all trade between the two powers. Various Christian and Islamic rulers (more so the Islamic rulers), were literally begging for Jewish merchants to be stationed in their territories, so they that could receive a few scraps from the highly lucrative Jewish controlled trade.

  10. It sounded like it's kosher bank...