Monday, May 3, 2010

Are You Gellin', White man?

At the :24 second mark, is when it happens. The geeky, awkward white guy with his hot white girlfried tries to be "hip," saying "I'm gelling," sure to over-pronounce the final ING on "gelling" like the square he is. Oh, but you know you need to leave it to the self-assured black man, the authority on what is cool, to put the poor pathetic white loser in his place. "You're so NOT gellin'!"

I am so glad Dr. Scholls has informed the world what it takes to be hip and attractive to women. We just need to buy their product and act ever more black. Riiiiight. [Surely I'll do neither.]

Submitted by: Sirrealpolitik


  1. Excellent website you have here! Feel free to use some ideas, or share your own ideas, from Chimpout's thread on this: touches on this topic from time to time as well.

  2. hahahaha this website cracks me up. Keep the good work