Saturday, December 5, 2009

White Woman Abuses White children and Hates Hard Working White Husband and Married Life in Favor of Watching Violent Negros Play Meaningless Sports

I know, it's pushing it, but it's still ridiculous. You have to admit. This shouldn't be on TV.


  1. you forgot to add "Violent negros playing meaningless sports" with an IQ of 66 who will do nothing to better humanity, but fill up our jails


  2. I can't speak for the US but over here in Britain ads highlighting child abuse only ever show white children at risk.

    And what do white children have?

    White parents.

    Yet ads relating to children in care - appealing for foster parents - often show non-white children. Funny isnt it, you would think that there would be some correlation between the population of children at risk and the children available for fostering.

    Of course one set of ads gets to show whites as violent abusers, the other gets to portray non-whites as passive victims, to be rescued - by whites naturally.