Monday, December 21, 2009

Nigron Mystery Meat With Penchant for Faggotry Wins the Infatuation of Bisexual Blonde Haired Woman and Brown Skinned Raceless Companion

Saw this briefly on MTV while passing through the newest anti-White Jewcraft.

Merry Christmas all! Johnny is at home in Whitemansland and hasn't much time for output!

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  1. Where is the negative portrayal of white people? The white female isn't portrayed as inferior to the black characters. You are just annoyed by ANY positive portrayals of black people, which you call 'anti-white'.

    Are you aware that many commercials in Japan feature white actors in positive roles? But how come the Japanese don't consider such commercials 'anti-Japanese'?

    Jews and white racists are the only two groups who are so insecure that they have to refer to everything they don't like as 'anti-Semitic'/'anti-white'. White Nationalism is basically an exact copy of Zionism.