Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Negro Ball Catcher Shown as Superhuman and Savior of Lustful White Blonde Cheerleader

White people fuck up, Blacker-Man saves them.


  1. WOW so big and strong! save us poor little white people... up yours !!!! another "B S" from the media.


  2. From the Sunday paper, look at Dad:

  3. I love Larry Fitzgerald!

    Only reason he saved white cheerleader is because ESPN is full of kikes! The problem is KIKES and not blacks!

    Blacks are angry Tiger Woods slept with only White women. Kikes are angry he did not IMPREGNIGATE all the white women he slept with.

    Hate the Kikes. Not the blacks!

  4. The Jews are our main competitors.The blacks are their tools. The degradation of our race will allow them to rule. Read the Bible, the Jews have had a hard time getting along with their neighbors.

  5. I don't know who runs this website but I support you and your mission. Keep up the good work. The degradation of our people shall end. Throw out your TVs. Cancel your newspaper and magazine subscriptions. Home school your children. We do not hate other groups - we just want our own unique identity and culture, which is natural.

  6. Fucking Dumb small dick rednecks.

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