Saturday, February 19, 2011

Unstoppable: Blacks Repeatedly Rescue Helpless, Mean-Spirited and Incompetent Whites

Transatlantic flights allow me to see the kinds of movies I would normally avoid--the kinds of brainwashing sessions to which mainstream America and the world in general is relentlessly subjected and--what is even more tragic--even pays hard-earned money to see.

Unstoppable is one such film. Like the appalling brainwashing-session-disguised-as-a-film Far From Heaven, also seen on a transatlantic flight (see the posting for November 26, 2010), Unstoppable runs rife with Anti-White imagery.

Indeed, such is the Anti-White bias in airport films that I am beginning to suspect the FAA has some hidden requirement that all airlines must propagandize for ZOG.
Unstoppable shows one situation after another in which whites are shown as corrupt, dumb, incompetent, lazy, or vulnerable--whereas blacks are in every case morally flawless, giving, caring, concerned--the knowing benefactor.

The trailer alone gives us plenty to work with.

Here, within the first five seconds, we know it is the white man who can't keep a domicile intact. The white man is "sorta" married, while Denzel Washington proclaims proudly that he has "two beautiful daughters."

At :10, a gaggle of white kids are being instructed in railroad safety by their black teachers.

The white girl at :15 seems impossibly frail and vulnerable next to the train bearing down upon her. But fear not, for a fearless black woman is there to save the day at :21--or at least she would, were it not for the bumbling, incompetent whites that surround her at :22. These dullard white men are responsible for the disaster that the black heroine spends most of the film trying to clean up.

This heroine and Denzel Washington, between them, are at their wits end trying to manage teams of white lackeys and pawns. But they are often frustrated by typical white incompetence. It is hard to perform miracles when your tools are so dull. See :38 and :40. You see, Mr. Washington needs to know where that train is, and probably would know, were it not for the whites at the other end, manning their control tower with boundless idiocy.

The screaming white kids at :48 wear on the nerves of the black heroine at :49. How will she save them? How will she save whites from their own incompetence?

Denzel Washington's white co-worker needs to be prodded into action. Without the black hero to coach them, train them at heroism, the whites will perish en masse in a world that they themselves have pushed towards catastrophe.

This film claims it was "based on true events." IMHO, you can file this film under fantasy...or even theater of the absurd.


  1. Hi, I have just bookmarked your website, glad you give a bit of your time analysing the multicultural media. I look forward exchanging links (I mostly am more familiar with French media and plan on putting english subtitles on the ads I find).

  2. Thank Goodness AWM is back from vacation.



  3. But where in Gods country is South Africa ?


    A week ago they were at :

    Now they're gone again.

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  4. why do you see race so starkly? why does it matter so much? Is tan skin dangerous or evil? Its just pigment in the skin. I don't understand what purpose all this fear serves you in your life.

  5. wow. reading into things.

  6. I hate every movie with Denzel in it...