Friday, February 4, 2011

Progressive: We Humiliate White Males

It's nice to see Progressive Insurance is an equal opportunity white male humiliator. No matter whether the white male is their employee or their customer, they will still find a way to humiliate them.

And not only will they humiliate them, they will spend millions of dollars on a marketing campaign that seems more geared towards humilating them than advertising their insurance products.

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  1. Funny how a company called 'Progressive' spends all its time mocking white people when white people are actually the most progressive people on the planet when you consider the true meaning of the word.

    Anyway here's an article someone else did about the ads. He finds them racist against black people.

    1. Sure ad agencies and media do like to make fun of white males and make them effeminate. Even I have noticed that over the last decade or so. But white women are as much to blame as anyone else. They sseem to like seeing themselves as the smart wife next to dumb hubby. The savvy business woman next to stupid, lecherous boss.
      But the the same groups (media, ad men) make black women seem loud, domineering, or remove them altogether (the unless the "black" woman on TV or commercial is very light skinned and more bi-racial in appearance). You don't think this is wrong, because you agree with the idea. But others believe white men are stupid and effeminate- so I guess all this bashing on TV can continue.
      Truth is-Ad agencies and media only promote 1) white women and 2)black men. But you want to make it about an attack on all white PEOPLE (startign with white men) and all blacks people getting the glossy treatment on TV. Too bad.

  2. How is the white guy humiliated? He is the one who seals the deal; the customers decide to sign on immediately after seeing him. This is nothing if not an actively positive portrayal of whites.

    Every time I think you guys have reached the limit of paranoia, you take it one step further. This time, even when whites SUCCEED in what they do, the ad is still "anti-white". Classic!

  3. Well there are certainly more extreme examples but in both cases white men are shown as weak, silly, ineffectual. The black man is shown positively.

    Its not about the prosaic who seals the deal or whatever.

    The media deals in emotion, feelings. The feeling thats being sold here is negativity directed at white males, positivity attached to black males.

    Who seals the deal is secondary or irrelevant.

  4. "ineffectual"

    Ineffectual? He is a sales guy, he closes the sale, how is that not the definition of effectiveness?

    I bet you, if they made the sales guy black and the customers white, you would be complaining it shows the black guy convincing the clueless whites, therefore the ad is once again "anti-white". No matter which color gets which role, you will still complain. There is no pleasing you racists.

  5. Your disingenousness is hilarious.

    The white guy in no way 'closes the sale'.

    He comes on as the comedic, buffoon type character in a stupid costume, who is laughed at by the white woman and then sarcastically dismissed by the black guy.

    To further compound his humiliation the white woman then says "Go big money" in a stupid, mocking voice and then orders him to take a break despite the fact that he hasn't even done anything yet.

    If that isn't anti-white then I'm a banana.

  6. Er, no. As soon as the white guy comes on, the black woman says "We'll take it." That is closing the sale.

    Imagine if it was a black guy coming on and a white woman immediately saying "We'll take it." You bananas (your term) would be up in arms as usual about the ad promoting 'race-mixing'! But when it's a white guy, you screen out all that from your minds and only see what you want to see. Oh well.

  7. No, you dont get it.

    I said its about feelings, emotional responses.

    The white guy may get the job done but he isnt shown as someone another man would want to be or a woman would want.

    Thats what is important in medialand.

    In Star Wars the emperor rules a galaxy with his mighty Sith powers. Clearly going by concrete results he is a sure fire winner (right up 'til DV kills him). Yet strangely most young guys watching the movies wanted to be Luke or Han.

    But why?

    They are clearly much less susccesful than the emperor. He's got an empire, they've got jack. Why on earth would anyone think they were shown positively. Clearly a mystery for some brain dead liberal.

  8. As if some white males don't have jobs in America that are crappier than this one. How is this humiliating him? Is a white male being humiliated if he wears a Chuck E. Cheese costume and dances around non-white kids at birthday parties all day?

    Its so funny how you people play the victim so much and then you turn around and complain about being guilted by non-whites. Everybody is blaming everything else on the next person!

    Im sure some of the people in your "movement" have humiliating jobs I guess their employers are anti-white as well.

  9. The thing is though jobs like this don't even exist.

    They had to invent it for the purposes of this bizarro-world advert. Go into a Progressive Insurance. Would you see a guy dancing around in a stupid costume? No. Even in dumbed down American society an Insurance company that did this would be a laughing stock. As you mention this kind of job is designed for entertaining children.

    As for being a mascot, it's not a humiliating job per se, in fact I'm sure some people with the right disposition find it quite rewarding even when having to deal with little shits like this:

    However I really feel for the poor bastards who have to entertain the kids at Chuck E. Cheese..

  10. Tzameti,

    There are plenty of jobs in the US that require you to wear a costume and put on some silly act for the customers.

    Are you kidding?

    Hes a mascot and you just admitted that it isnt so exactly what is wrong with this video then?

    Quick question, would it be less humiliating if the two customers were white? Or is it only a problem because the customers were black?

  11. Maxwell de BoursinFebruary 9, 2011 at 7:45 AM

    Thanks Tzameti for posting that article written by some poor, low-wattage black complaining that Progressive is racist... against blacks.

    This article confirms my theory - faithfully exposed on AWM in the past - that blacks always, always, ALWAYS give themselves away when they are writing something. I can always spot a negro author. Every single time, they have this weird way of convoluting words and using bigger than necessary words or phrases out of context.

    There is no question that the African mind is wired strangely, sort of like the jumble of electrical wires behind the dashboard of my 1969 Fiat Spider.

    Blacks have been taught by Europeans to use European languages; somehow this short 300 years of blacks using written language goes against the grain of 150,000 years of having no number system, written language... Africans didn't even have the wheel for goodness sakes.

    I remember thinking a while back: what would Hitler have thought about black people?

    Who would like to comment on that thought?

  12. You guys haven't seen anything yet. The sick degradation of white males by these trash TV commercials takes an a new low by this junk food doritos commercial played during the super bowl. Notice the shapely white 'blond' female when framing the black male in the opening shot...and then it only gets worse...a lot worse:

    We've got to start boycotting this shit and put these anti-white racists in the media out of business.

  13. "In Star Wars the emperor rules a galaxy with his mighty Sith powers. Clearly going by concrete results he is a sure fire winner (right up 'til DV kills him). Yet strangely most young guys watching the movies wanted to be Luke or Han.

    But why?"

    Er..... because the Emperor was evil? Oh I forgot, you racists don't care about morality (if you did you would not be racist).

    Occam's Razor: what AWM fans do not use.

  14. Er..... because the Emperor was evil?

    Well bully for you - for proving my original point.

    The emperor was shown as evil, bad, unsympathetic. The good guys were shown to be...well...good. The material succeses of the emporer, having a vast navy, running the galaxy etc were shown as less important than his evil.

    See how it works now?

    So white men are shown as bad, or in this case merely lame, and amazingly their success in closing a sale suddenly doesnt look so important after all.

  15. I remember thinking a while back: what would Hitler have thought about black people?

    I believe the term was 'untermensch'. ;)

  16. "Super" Bowl commercials:

    Frito-Lay and PepsiCo are the same company. Two of the ads even use the same song. Gotta wonder who their advertising agency is.

  17. I bet the guy who runs this site is a toothless redneck who is unemployed since they shipped his warehouse out the country.

    Who has time to write this stupid shit.

    Use your white privilege and get a fucking job LOSER!

    Its that easy show up and say I am white and need a job.

    I guess your just to fucking stupid for that.

  18. "So white men are shown as bad, or in this case merely lame"

    How is the white guy shown as 'lame', when he is shown doing his job well? Was C-3PO also 'lame', according to you? The reality, however, is that C-3PO is extremely popular and considered one of the heroes of Star Wars. There is no equivalence between C-3PO and the Emperor. I find it incredible that I need to explain something so elementary.

  19. How is the white guy shown as 'lame', when he is shown doing his job well?

    Does anyone viewing this aspire to be him?


    Was C-3PO also 'lame', according to you?

    Did anyone ever aspire to be C3PO?

    There is no equivalence between C-3PO and the Emperor. I find it incredible that I need to explain something so elementary.

    You introduced that particular equivalence, its up to you to explain it.

  20. A libtard speaks...

    I guess your just to fucking stupid for that.

    Irony: Accusing someone of stupidity while not being able to differentiate between 'your' and 'you're'.

  21. "Does anyone viewing this aspire to be him?"

    If I were a sales guy, I would love to be able to just show up and immediately have the customer say "We'll take it."

    "Did anyone ever aspire to be C3PO?"


    "You introduced that particular equivalence, its up to you to explain it."

    As I did in the previous comment.

  22. Anecdotally I dont know anyone who ever aspired to be C3PO.

    Documentary proof that anyone does please.

  23. My brother aspires to be like C3PO, but then he does have an obsession with camp English butlers in unconvincing metal suits.

    On the Star Wars theme; how come Samuel L Jackson asked for a PURPLE lightsaber?

    Was he trying to tell us something?

  24. "Use your white privilege and get a fucking job LOSER!"

    Use your affirmative action to get ahead in the line, because of your RACE. In case you didn't notice, affirmative action is a code name for "healthy white straight catholic males not wanted".

    Who's privileged now?

  25. an ideal "fuck anti white male racism" poster: flava flav being lined up next to brad pitt on whos the hottest?



  27. still, they employ mostly white actors so they PAY mostly white people, which helps the white race

  28. Paying a few actors does not really help compared to trying to humiliate a race of people. haha. Some of you need to smarten up.

    Who owns/runs advertising agencies and the media? Overwhelmingly Jewish.. Those snakes are trying to undermine the white race throughout the world. It's pretty obvious now unless you're a complete idiot..

  29. Here's another few commercials making white men look like submissive fools: 1) Mobile phone commercial shows a white guy chanting as he's watching a football game and looks up to see an angry intimidating black guy and he apologizes. It implies white men are submissive, less intimidating and easily scared by black men. 2) Geico commercial shows the white caveman in a cheerleader outfit asking for a spot on the football team from a huge black linebacker. It implies white men are feminine sissies while black men are these huge monstrous athletic juggernauts. The media is absolutely pathetic today and I don't get how more people don't notice the assault on white males.

  30. Just saw the 2012 super bowl. For some strange reason, the super bowl is usually a regular carnival of anti-white male ads. Only a few this time. Guess they don't want to alienate their biggest customer. Regular geniuses.