Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Helpless, Nerdy, Incompetent, White Male Wimp is Totally Without A Clue Unless He Is Rescued By Two Reassuring Big Black Men and Their White Female Co-Conspirator

"Ok, let me get this straight: A white man has a nervous breakdown. He just can't deal with even relatively small problems, being so high-strung and prissy, you know.

Suddenly a towering black man and his white female "companion" look upon him with a mixture of pity and dismay. To the black man, the problem is "easy" to solve, and he confidently points to the "easy" button, which just happens to be down by the woman's waist, so it kinda looks like the black man is pointing at the woman's crotch. "Code red!" the wimpy white man screams hysterically as he is easily rotated out of there and--lo and behold!--he is REPLACED with another towering, self-assured, mighty, smiling black man, who helpfully hands the toner to the white woman who thanks him. So it is only through the teamwork of the white woman and her two big black co-conspirators that is she able to redeem the worthless insane white male wimp. Riiiight..."

Submitted by sirrealpolitik.


  1. I'm writing a letter to the company in complaint!

  2. You know this is really funny,,, Many moons ago , when I went and took a three year Computer science courses , we started with about say 25% were black students .. Well during that first year they were falling like a brick, and at the end not a single black student was left. NOT ONE!!!

    Blacks and Technology ,,,,, right give me a break. lol


  3. I know a few black people who excell in the technology field. Though I use the term black loosely, they all act white. And they are all [yes all] half-white. This seems to be the standard...Just take a look at the smart black people on Tv, almost all are light skinned and many are outright half-white. I think its the white genes that gave them the smarts to excell. Call that racist, but Im calling a spade a spade. The ignorant ghetto-trash are all full black negroes and dont ammount to squat.

  4. I don't even watch TV anymore because the ads make me so angry. It's all a war on the white man's self-esteem, self-determination, and confidence. I refuse to partake.

  5. I'm already there- a wimp. My self determination and personal sovereignty brought me to a broken state of mind and being. I had a mental break down and fell so deep into the homosexual lifestyle that there seems no return to a strong sense of masculinity and heterosexuality. I feel like my opinions are weak and of no opinion so I don't speak up. I don't look others in the eye directly out of fear and shame. I'm one of the sheeple now. I believe the psych drugs they have me on only reinforce my emasculation. I am afraid of men, real men that is. All my gay friends are effeminate and effete in the traditionally stereotyped gay schemas. I was raised without a father, no male role models: all men hating women. I am warning you guys, don't let what happened to me happen to you. Luv.