Monday, August 30, 2010

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I'm not sure what's even going on here.

Submitted by -A.


  1. Wow, attacking white sexuality from every angle. This is disgusting.

  2. What's going on there: the wussy white guy wants to drill for oil. He's obviously queer in that he'd prefer to do the nasty with that black field hand, as opposed to his white wife.

    Message: Black buck field slaves are better than white women.

  3. haven't seen this one before.

    This must be the sequel. The original has the woman dumping the man (depicted even more unflattering than he is here)in the washer and getting what is of course every white woman's dream - a virile negro.

    Now when the man runs turnabout, they naturally have to still end with humiliation of the white "male" - so instead of getting what he wants (a black woman? ok, a bit unusual, but ok, we'll play along) and confirming the inferiority of his jungle feavering wife (how dare a man look with lust at any other than his wife) he becomes the submissive to the same virile buck.

  4. I'm sure the writers think of it as a "twist" ending, but it's utterly predictable when you already know who must be 'bashed until they cease to exist.'