Friday, July 9, 2010

Old Commercial Featuring Brown Mongrels Debasing German Genetics and Culture

What else do you expect on the advent of the apocalypse?

"This one is from quite some time ago, but nonetheless shows them aggressively trying to make fun of traditional European culture and replace it with multi(cult)uralism."

Submitted by E.L.


  1. If Germany is so lame and full of backward dorks and stupid blondes...

    then why do third worlders claw over one another for the mere chance to clean a German toilet?

  2. LOL @ "What else do you expect on the advent of the apocalypse?"

    If German women are so great, how can German men not be? A great people. As a female I resent the media trying to brainwash us and turn us against our own men. Unfortunately it has worked to some extent. But it's all lies. I'm glad I don't have regular cable anymore.

  3. Germans create a great nation, high technology, true culture, clean cities, good standard of living, good looking people, high intelligence, world class engineering and manufacturing, beautiful countryside, and on and on.

    Meanwhile the mongrels can play soccer - and they can also shine my shoes, clean my house, do my laundry, cook my food, clean my toilet, sweep my streets, pick up my garbage, and on and on.

  4. As an American of German descent I have to say - Germany is a very impressive country with nice people - OKTOBERFEST!