Thursday, January 14, 2010

Limp Dicked White Waste of Life Watches As Daughter is Shamed by Negro With Unique Preferences in Women: White Wimmen

I felt physically ill with this one.


  1. she looks like a manfaced bitch anyway

  2. usless white waste of space should top himself by eating loft insealation.

  3. Dear Johnny,

    I took the liberty of inviting Glenn Beck to follow your blog. He is the only one with the testicular fortitude to challenge the progressive media campaign against the white man.

    We must unite and boycott all of these anti-white man companies!

    Last week, I sent Glenn this article I wrote in March of 2008:

    “Stupid White Man” TV Commercials:
    Washed brains produce Obama-maniacs and Hillary-hopefuls for president in 2008

    By American Patriot

    Brainwashing is easy and judgment is impaired.

    After years of viewing “Stupid White Man” TV commercials, American voters are now sufficiently brainwashed into believing that a black man and/or white woman are the best candidates for president of the United States.

    This carefully planned, strategic attack on the “White Man” started in the media about ten years ago. Politically correct zealots in every aspect of American culture demanded punishment for past sins against women and minorities. One way to punish white men is to portray them as stupid, contemptuous morons in American TV commercials.

    There are two definitions of brainwashing and both apply to the current media campaign against white men.

    1) A forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas
    2) Persuasion by propaganda or salesmanship

    What is the real purpose of bashing white men?

    Sacrificing white men to satisfy the far left wing’s ravenous appetite for “Stupid White Man” blood is very trendy! Some of the worst offenders in this symbolic “lynching” are FedEx, Staples, Sprint, Verizon, Embassy Suites, Dell, Charter, Tilex, and Pella Windows. Turn on the TV any time of the day or night and a white man is being attacked, insulted, ridiculed and made the “butt of the joke” by a white woman, black man, black woman or other person of color. The evil bandwagon is full and has many symbolic ropes, but bashing white men does not sell a product or service. So…why do it? This illegal stereotyping of white men is part of the larger agenda being pushed by ethnocentric groups such as the ACLU, NAACP, CBC, LARAZA, LULAC and MeCHA.

    Brainwashed young people vote for president in 2008.

    Children and young people are quite impressionable and easily influenced by what they see on TV. In the past decade, their young brains have seen thousands of images of “stupid white men” inflicting their stupidity on women and minorities. Now, they are old enough to vote. Corporate America and the American taxpayer funded ethnocentric groups who hate white men have achieved their goals. The choices for president in the Democratic Party are an ultra-liberal black man or an extremely liberal white woman. Brainwashing works!

    Who benefits when the “White Man” image is destroyed?

    Minorities seem to benefit, but white men, white women, and white children do not! The symbolically “lynched” white man on TV represents the father, son, brother or friend. He represents the man that the daughter, granddaughter and niece are holding as a male role model and the son, grandson and nephew want to emulate. Unfortunately, the only white male role models in TV commercials are complete imbeciles!

    Bashing white men on TV is the sport of the far-left liberal media and “blame America first” crowd who want to see the total destruction of America as we know it. The damage done to a whole generation of white children who have digested this garbage is irreversible. But, it is not too late to save the next generation.

    Get on the “politically incorrect” bandwagon to restore positive white male role models to all of America’s children. When you see a “Stupid White Man” TV commercial, get online and contact the offending company’s corporate office. If enough people demand change, change will happen. No one really benefits when racism and sexism are allowed to flourish unchallenged.

  4. I'm betting Harriet harman had something to do with this advert.

  5. Apparently, only white men are gay:

  6. Cracker AmericanusJanuary 30, 2010 at 3:35 PM

    Remember our people are the ones under attack. If you immediately condemn the white actors you have been managed. The object of these exercises is to cause whites to hate and despise themselves. The destroyers win when you attack your kith and kin. Attack the purveyors of this filth. Contact them and explain you are no longer interested in buying their product. The destroyers control the media. They do not control the production and distribution of consumer products yet. The producer is only interested in selling his product. If you are silent and buy his product he feels the commercial is successful. Money is what matters in the modern market.
    Stop buying.
    Email the advertiser.
    When companies realize you are leaving their product on the shelves they will change their tactics. Remember this is just buisness to them, it is the survival of your race.

  7. Johnny:

    As the name of this blog decrees, that I can't really think of a better point Than this to justify your soundings.